Anyone close to Emperor Lucifer?

Can someone ask Emperor Lucifer 3 quick questions?
Why am I not feeling close to him any more?

I am feeling like i am drifting away from him, I also cried today feeling like he doesnt care about me anymore.
I was feeling like an Oucast

Was he ever around me? Or its all in my head?

Thank you in advance.
Once i get my tarot deck and learn how to use it I will give you 3 readings.

Thank you :pray:


I think his telling me that i over think, idk if its just in my head

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How long have you been working with him?

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Have not, i can’t work with him my astral senses just stubborn. Been through to much trauma as a kid and is not easy to open the energy blockages.

However since I left the religion I felt close to him.
I felt that he was sending me messages through other people’s posts like on Instagram i would stumble upon.

Also i had an out of body experiance where a gentleman in his 30s wearing black tuxedo drinking wine :wine_glass: from a glass and listening to my life story.
I thought it was Emperor Lucifer.

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The Lucifer that I know is completely relentless about truth. A person might not know everything, and they could be wrong about something, but Lucifer offers no quarter to those who shy away from accepting or communicating truth.

Is there something important that you aren’t admitting to yourself, or have you allowed someone to silence you for false reasons? The Lucifer I know don’t care much for social comfort.

It’s not about confessing to authority. It’s about knowing what you know, and refusing to be shackled by other people’s fragile little egos. Weed out the weaklings. Smash in their windows and kick in their doors.

That’s how my Lucifer does things. It gets hardcore sometimes, and people get seriously pissed off, but Lucifer is good to his loyal killers.


Example if you look at a new post called “the problem with lust.”

Also feeling like that’s a problem for me and a message.
Then I read
" lust makes you believe things that are not true"
And I think i being told " you over think"
I guess is telling me that if I think that if I think he doesnt care about me.
Well that might not be true. Its all in my head


Try to put that doubt in your or push it away. put everything that you have in that ritual.

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Can’t do rituals now. I would probably get kicked out of the house.
I live in the middle of a city and I am disable cant go into the forests.
And probably i will be eaten by wild animals in a forest i am also 3 feet tall i am tiny

One of the reason why I feel the ancient ones ingore me I am worthless :pensive:

Its a battle I will have to face alone.

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Remember your purpose,if you dont then find it by that you will put yourself out from despair.


Practice your astral senses, I highly doubt the Infernals think you are worthless, especially Lucifer, I am disabled too and Lucifer has helped me amazingly, I think he loves me a lot

So practice, your energy body is healthy, unlike mine which is broken


Its fine I think its a negative entitie trying to make push everyone away so no one can interfere.

If it’s a parasite, banish!


Could be, I am interested tho, this could be something to learn from

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When I’m trying to connect with Lucifer, i feel someone is pushing me away. I feel negative energy, even the next day my whole mood is bad.
So im in conclusion either it’s a parasite there, as they say they come down many of them when calling Lucifer,
Either it’s him don’t accepting the way my senses are and wants me to try more.
So don’t worry you re not alone :wink:


Try meditation, there are many different kinds of meditations and some are better for you than others. You need to check them out and see what works for you best.

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You could have a guardian spirit with you, or even try cleansing your spirit, to feel more empowered (you can find various cleansing methods in the forum).


Relax and breathe. It’s just a really really rough time right now. Done fall victim to hour own thoughts. You are ok really is going to work out. The cards will help you open up too. I can help you when you get them.


Well its the only spirit from those i have evoked, for which i need protection dont know why?!
When and if I will try to connect with him i will definitely have an Archangel with me :stuck_out_tongue:
Imagine that the last time i called him , the ext day i was convinced somehow in my mind that I have cancer in my stomach and i was crying the whole afternoon.
I never ever have such panick attacks, and my health is pretty good. I was just in an unexplained bad mood and i realized soon I must had Parasite with me. Ofc it took the f* the way out of my area when I realized that.


Mate you are not worthless. Maybe you could benefit from working on imagination, and then imagine yourself performing a simple ritual. Sigil magick may be up your alley.

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I just got them! But I dont wana touch them cause I am in a low state of energy. I didnt sleep last night i was to excited and now is mod afternoon i am getting ready to hit the hey then i will unwrap the present :gift: that I been waiting for.

Thank you so much for the offer :slight_smile: :pray: I would be grateful if you would like to point me in the right direction.

I also have a pendulum could you help me with that to?

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