Anyone able to share fast-acting, simple curses to destroy a friendship

I have an insatiable desire to destroy a close friendship shared by two foul people, that could possibly be blossoming into an intimate and romantic relationship. Has anyone got any fast acting, simple curses they could share with me, that I could possibly use or get inspired by to create my own.

If it helps I believe I’ve gained a close bond with Lilith. Tools: I have tarot cards, jars, vinegar, salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper, belladonna, black salt I mixed especially for curses, turmeric, and the usual herbs we stock up: thyme etc…if that helps. Any ideas or rituals to share with me, please :slight_smile:


Not a curse but a pair of spirits.
Lucifer and Nergal.


Call on La Santa Murete and give her a black candle, this should work well.

You could also call on Belial to cause anarchy in there lives and push them apart


Thank you both for responding, I forgot to mention I only have white candles and red ones, but I have coal etc to place around it to add the darkness I need.

What do you both think on the idea of calling on Lilith and asking for her aid as Layilil, her most destructive aspect and as Chaosifer, an aspect she shares with Satan: the chaos-bearer? Along with Tanisam: the poisonous dragon, her chaotic draconic aspect?

I’m usually really good at whipping up an alright curse that gets the job done, but today I’m slacking :weary:

with Pazuzu I achieve two people to hate and not to see each other … also making voodoo dolls with their names, destroying and burning them together has been effective


Thanks for replying, when it comes to voodoo dolls is there a simpler way to make them without fabrics and sewing?

The last curse I done, I made a good old fashioned Hoodoo inspired curse jar, but instead of filling the jar with all the nasty stuff and then calling the persons spirit/soul into the jar, I confused myself and called them into it first and then added the stuff. So in the end, it took ages to kick in and start working, when it did, it didn’t have the same forceful impact I had expected it too with the poisonous, deadly herbs I used so it was left weak and useless. When you do a voodoo/hoodoo curse jar, in what steps do you create it? If you don’t mind me asking :slight_smile:

A paper cutout or a stick-figure made of string has worked for me. I prefer paper clay or flour dough at the moment, or palm wax poured into a ginger bread man biscuit cutter as a mold.

The poppet doesn’t have to look like people ether. When I wanted a relationship dissolved before, I used palm wax and a biscuit mold that looked like two hearts joined together. Destroying that and then burying it so it rotted into the earth was very effective.


Thank you, I’ll have to note that down, I ended up settling for a crossing jar for this particular curse in the end. :slight_smile:

White candle can also represent free will and another’s will if you program it to do so

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Love that! Noted it down!