Anybody worked with these Demons?


I have never worked with Demons before… I have done a lot of reading but would love some first hand experience of these 4 Demons which I am interested in. Also - any other advice whether it be for OR against working with Demons.

1/ Amduscias

2/ Asmodeus

3/ Gomory

4/ Paimon

Thank you in advance.

Elle x

This forum is full of accounts from people who have worked with them, please use the search function (:mag: in the upper right). There are also threads about the benefits of working with ”demons“.

Whether working with them is beneficial to you or not depends on your situation and what you want to achieve, and how willing you are to work towards the things you desire.

If you have zero experience working with them or spirits in general, don’t rush into anything, research them and get to know different states of consciousness as in: meditate, and try to develop your so-called astral senses (or psychic senses) so you can communicate with spirits better. Take your time.

As for arguments against working with them: not being prepared is one big no-no, as is a bad (=entitled, disrespectful, lazy) attitude. Some people might advise you to treat demons like servants…not a good idea. It may yield the desired results, but there are long-term consequences. It’s important to choose one who resonates with you and do some research before attempting to contact them. That’s my two cents, as I said there are many threads here.

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