Any Suggestions for Starting Out in Chaos Magick?

I want to explore Chaos Magick and see how it works for me. I like the idea of using subjective belief as a tool to bring your ideas into existence and it feels quite natural to me as a way to practice magick. Could anyone point me in the right direction for exploring Chaos Magick? Maybe provide personal experience, book suggestions, links to forums/videos, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Thank you, I’ll be sure to look into this

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Just some personal suggestions that are Chaos Magick paradigm relevant;

  1. create a servitor or two for a long and short term goal

  2. Try sigils using different Gnosis methods(singing, dancing, chanting, shoaling etc)

  3. Pick a pop culture figure that you like and summon it as an egregore to work some magick for you

Chaos magick, from my point of view, is more of a method of approaching magick, than a system in and of itself.

What is it some Caotes say? Everything is valid. Experiment!

Good luck and I hope that has helped.


The book ‘Masterworks of Chaos Magick’ by Adam Blackthorne to know what makes magick work and how to make your own.


@popAmel The Author Phil Hine if you can find his books was one of the early pioneers of the movement.

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Let’s not forget the classics. Peter Carroll’s Liber Null and Psychonaut.


Honestly, the end result of Chaos Magick, if you do more than just dabble, is just Hermeticism with a slightly more experimental mindset, so you might want to skip straight to Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon, to avoid a year or so of just messing around with sigils and not doing deeper practices.

Mind you, I speak from my own personal experience.


Thank you for the insight. I’v experimented just a little with sigils and servitors, but have not experimented with egregores yet. I’d definitely like to be able to create better sigils and servitors with chaos magick

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Thank you for the insight. I’ll probably read this book while experimenting with Chaos Magick so I’ll be able to see the similarities. I’d definitely like to save time if possible

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Yeah… you might not be too off on that one

Edit, to clarify, chaos magick is still my practice but I wont ignore how many of my found truths work nicely with hermeticism.


The whole thing with IIH is that it’s a pathworking, so you probably won’t see similarities right away because the book is structured to teach someone from the ground up, but as an addendum to that, look up the seven hermetic principles, that is where you will see the similarities.

With Hermeticism, The All Is The Mind. Chaos Magick follows similar principles. For the entry level practitioner, they are different, but when you get further along, the more they coincide. I started as a chaos wizard, before I eventually made the full leap to hermetic wizard. They are basically the same thing just on different steps of the journey,