Any psychic mediums around Balg?

I’m interested in learning about how you realized you were psychic or a psychic medium!

When did it start? What are you capable of doing? How can you help people? Can you speak with the dead?

If you aren’t psychic or a medium, or both, share your story of an encounter with one!

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Looking for one in London! Hope you don’t mind me linking to your topic : >

I’m not saying that I’m a psychic medium because I’m still developing. But I have some tricks in my sleeve :wink:

  1. When did It start?
    The trigger was when my mother died? I came and she literally died in front of me waiting for me (I came from work 2 hours from there).
    My mother had the same skills and she was in that time more a medium then I was.

  2. What are you capable of doing?
    See when people lie or are dishonest.
    Predict events in certain cases. Not always, like I said i’m still developing.
    Connect to death people, mostly close family. I see them, and I literally feel them. And one time hear my granny talk.

I connect with people who have taken their lives and 1 time I set something straight for 1 person with her family. Come to think of it, I would like to do more with this.

  1. Story

One time I was on vacation I saw two dead people standing in front of me, it was not a positive view and when I got to bed I felt literally a hand taking my hand.

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Well, I am a sorcerer but my cousin is a psychic medium, and she said to me that there are 3 ways to be an psychic: hereditary, via some special methods or witnessing an horrible accident in the past

And they are? :wink:

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And trust me, its not an easy path, in my cousin’s case, she came into her abilities quite young, since her childhood

This seems to be the general consensus I’ve noticed.

Most people seem to be born with it, probably through something hereditary.

Makes me wonder what spirits their ancestors made contact with in order to obtain their generational abilities.


Your #2 resonates with me a lot, could this mean im a psychic medium?

Well in my case I still doubt. It could be part of my ascension too. Because in spirituality you have necromancy. Talking to the death. On the other hand connecting to troubled souls is sort of medium. And you could be/do both.

But if you feel that you are more a medium, then you simply can work on that. Follow your intuition and lookup medium training or sites for that.

I think that’s really a feeling some people have the skill to be a medium and some people want to be a medium. I do want to help people and yes maybe people who have died or are dying. But for the rest I don’t want to be a medium.

there is no spirit my cousin needed to contact with in order to access to her abilities. No meditation or spirit gave her this ability. And she told me that, most people born at night given with the ability to see the dead, but this doesnt mean that they can see ghosts all the time, there will be a mystical hour in the days when these people can see the dead clearly.

and idk exactly her abilities but so far she has been able to see the dead, astral projection, vivid dream and project her thoughts to the others

Its a level of awareness that is either greater or diminished throughout ones life. Some have a greater awareness as children then become dulled over time from lack of acknowledgement into adulthood.
Then some have a traumatic event, injury, or series of stressful situations that makes one increase awareness due to withdrawal from distractive outer stimulus.
Then some seek to increase their awareness through training the mind to become aware of its own access to information.
Psychic isn’t something one is or isn’t, nor is it something out of the ordinary. It’s a part of all conscious beings and the level or degree of awareness in most or lack there of, makes people think it’s something special.
It’s like we are born into the world with perfect legs yet at some point stop using them and spend our time wheeling around in a rascal. Our legs atrophy and we become dependent on the scooter to get to and from the fridge.
This is how the psychic world is, it has always been part of your universe and you have been so distracted to notice, or that you had simply been neglectful of your own psychic potential .
I guess what trying to say is the psychic is there and since its not being nurtured or acknowledged, its slowly being phased out by society.


With this being said -
How does one truly go about gaining the ability to tune into spirits that are around, outside of opening astral senses. I can perform successful evocations, however I can’t hear spirits speaking with me.

How does one go about… unlocking this ability through training?

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