Any method to find the name of the demon/entity that possessed somebody?

In the moviest like “The Exorcist” or “The Pope’s Exorcist” the priest freely chats with the demon, or shows St. Benedict Cross.
In real life it isn’t so easy. I met people who were possessed in a small extent.
I am 100% sure that some demon or entity is present in my life. He is very malicious and likes to block me with my goals, and spoils me many aspects of my life - especially relationships.
He has been present for whole my life. He sometimes attaches to people turning them against me.
Of course, it doesn’t happen all the time but in key moments of my life.
I have made many purifications on myself, tried to break my curses but recently I had a proof that it is still present.
I did Belial ritual to banish this entity.
But I am looking for a method to know that entity’s name.
WHat do you recommend?
Ritual for Agares to get the name? Or you know better rituals?

It probably doesn’t have one in human sounds/words. These things are telepathic and words are only for people who are not and have to rely on sound transferred via a physical medium to communicate. If you think about it, there’s no reason an energy being that’s telepathic and can communicate in images, ideas feelings and symbols needs something as limited as language.

You also have the issue that if it tried to form a name it would use phonemes not available in your desired language, in which case you still end up with an incorrect “spelling”.

Unless this is some kind of physical being, like a ghost, It’s name is therefore it’s energetic signature, which you know what that is because you are in contact with it.

So the easiest thing to do, is make up any name you like and state with intention “I’m calling you X” and in your mind associate that name to the energy signature. It’s a semi magickal procedure in which you are inetntionally assigning a name.

Kind of like hoe the jews all called the god Ba’al Zebul the nickname “Beelzebub” … Everybody knows who that is and sets their intention accordingly, so it works fine.


So the existing demonic names are those spelled by the Ancient who communicated with them?
Maybe that one who is malicious to me has the name that is known… But I don’t suspect any of the Higher Demons, but some lower entity.
Somebody must have cursed my family (maybe even grandparents) because doing a research, many people from my mother and my father side have bad luck…
I did a Belial ritual with a petition:
“The demon that brings me bad luck has been forever banished”.
I had nightmares after going to sleep so maybe he’s gone.
Belial has never disappointed me, I did many purifications on other people with his help and everybody was pleased from the effects.

Weeelll, not really… if only it was that clean and trustworthy, but you have thousands of years of rubbish, larping and political shenanigans obscuring most of it, to be honest.

If you look up the history you find “demon” is a derivation of the Greek for “spirit” but a word applied to other people’s gods and nature spirits, much LATER by the enemies of those people… it’s not a kind of being in itself. It was only in the last 1.5k years the JCI priesthood got in the mix and told you what to think about “demons”.

It’s so ingrained in our culture now nobody questions why they are adhering the JCI opinions of entities despite not usually actually following any Abrahamic religion. :woman_shrugging: I think it’s stupid and I don’t use this word, it’s plenty vague enough to just call them entities without the emotional baggage.

So… name wise what you have is many so-called demons are actually other culture’s gods: it was common practice to “demonize” the gods of other tribes as a normal part of warfare in the Mesopotamian era where a lot of Western Occultism originates.

Then you have to remember that this idolization thing is relatively new and pagan cultures tended to have names for the elements and pray for sun and rain, not to people, nd then later some of those people were previously kings, heroes and leaders who were deified, which is a form of idolization.

So, the name of the entity ends up being the name of the human, passed down in aural tradition and then translated. Take Jesus for example: that’s the Greek version of the name Yeshua, and was scholars find, the aural-telling aggregated from many people (when you remember your stories aurally because no one can read and write and paper isn’t invented yet, you tend to change the stories, embellish them, and collapse them for easier telling, and there’s often multiple versions with different spellings and variations).

Now imagine that entity (Jesus, which isn’t even his name we now remember) got demonised and there you have what happened to all these funky named “Jinn” and whatnot. A game of Chinese Whispers basically, where everybody takes an idea out of context and pretties it up for the lolz.

TL;DR: don’t assume that just because it’s in a book it’s valid and real. You can go back to the earliest version of a book to try to figure out what was meant (but it was probably already changed many times before it was recorded), you can rely on modern treatments, it doesn’t really matter because the intention still leads to a given being and that being exists even if you have to make it so.

The best thing to do then is trust yourself: always go get your own practice in and do what works for you. rely on your UPG and learn how to not lie to yourself and then do as you will.

Yeah he’s a very ancient god, thousands of years of tradition have kept him accessible and I personally suspect he’s one of the “Elohim”, i.e. an “El” - all of which the El called yehova aka yhwh insisted should be subordinate to him and he required “worship” as well which most of them didn’t. (Belial doesn’t like to be “worshiped” ime because he wants you to stand in your power not give it away.)

Everything about his name and usage from the hebrew stands out as the work of people demonizing an enemy god or El, one who questioned their practice and didn’t agree with yhwh’s demands, and you know how defensive and pissy JCI people get about their completely fictional LARPY as fuck monotheism with the psychopathic dessert tribe war El “yhwh” calling all the shots.

Aaand then the name got applied as a slur to anyone they didn’t like (below). They didn’t invent this being but they renamed it to בְּלִיַּעַל‎, Bəlīyyaʿal which was thier opinion of it. “Belial” is applied to ideas, words, and counsel, to calamitous circumstances, and most frequently, to worthless men of the lowest sort, such as men who would induce worship of other gods; those of Benjamin who committed the sex crime at Gibeah; the wicked sons of Eli; insolent Nabal; opposers of God’s anointed

So you have a fake name for Belial but the link is still there and it still works. Ergo you can call these things anything as long as you have the lead back to the energy signature, and all you need to have that is to know it exists.

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