Any help when working with Astaroth? Stories and recommendations are appreciated

Recently, I’ve had an extreme amount of callings from Astaroth, it’s been so strong I can no longer hold off on working with this demon, I’ve never had such a strong calling actually.

I’ve never worked with this Strong Duke and it seems they’re slightly more complex than the more masculine energies I’ve worked with in the past. Astaroth seems to be androgynous from what I’ve read though ‘male’ (which I’m still in huge debate about) I’ve seen more earthy and pastel colours are more appropriate and copper is a stronger element to use with this demon and though I’d assume they were more sensual it seems daytime is a good time to call and work with this entity. I’m asking if anyone has any recommendations when working with Astaroth or possibly some stories they’d like to share? But more recommendations would be fantastic.

Just a small FYI: Each persons story is to there own and I’ve seen some not so nice comments to people who share there stories on here so please keep it polite, please respect everyone, please no arguments if we can help it :slight_smile: I do enjoy this forum and I appreciate each and every comment xxx

Thank you greatly for your help, passion and contribution to my journey.



This experience gives a very nice description of Astaroth’s character. She can help with pretty much anything and usually she is eager to.


Thank you ever so much for your comment, this was really helpful.

Greatly appreciated, Hail x

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