Any experiences doing magick on a New Moon or Full Moon?

If you’ve done magick on the night of a New Moon or Full Moon, I’d like to know what were your experience of the magick compared to at other times, and ehat was the success of the working compared to magick done during simply a Waxing or Waning Moon.


I use new moons and full moons for bigger manifestations. The ones I do are usually for things that will be a gradual process.

For example, if there’s something I need to remove I do them on full moons so they “melt away” and I find that they’re quite faster compared to when I do them during the waning phase. Same for new moons for it to “grow”. I haven’t done much during waxing/waning phases, but if I’m planning a spell which needs bringing in after removing something I work with them. They’re a lot more potent when done during a full moon or a new moon. But if it’s something urgent then I say fuck it and do it anyways.


I’ve been experimenting with this for some time.

I perform spells every full moon and I find them to be very potent. I began writing down my results around half a year ago and so far there was not a single case when the desired thing didn’t manifest. I also usually set a time limit ‘till the next full moon’ to be able to track results easier. What I find interesting is that the results are very precise. For e.g. if I ask for 500$ I get 500$. And if I ask for 521,93$ I get 521,93$. So in my experience money, banishing and solving difficult situations of different origins work well. I do not ask any entities for help either.

As for the new moon and waxing moon, the results weren’t that satisfactory actually. I’d even call them random. Sometimes they’d manifest, other times they either didn’t manifest at all, or there was less than I originally wanted. Or it might take ages. Part of me thinks that it’s probably all in my head to be honest because I approach full moon and waxing moon with a different mindset. I wonder what’ll happen if I subconsciously ‘forget’ about the meaning of each phase of the moon.

I didn’t perform anything during the waning moon though as I don’t really have that much to banish.


It depends whether the magick involves the moon.

If not, the difference is ambient, and doesn’t need to affect the working, and making sure of that is part of balancing the energy and banishing extraneous influences in the circle when you open it. Or it’s just so subtle or out of alignment compared to the working it doesn’t matter.

If it does, I’m probably doing the working outside in the direct light of the moon, I’m deliberately conscious of the difference in feel and energy and intentionally bringing that energy into the work.


I don’t particularly care what phase the moon is in, although I used to pay attention. I’ve done workings using planetary hours before and didn’t find that any more productive than slinging when I feel I should.

If it matters to the person, then it holds value, since it affects their investment, but that seems to be about it, from my perspective. I don’t feel drawn to the moon or any other similar space object outside of the Occult either, so that may affect my point of view.