Any experience with this?

she said once she turned christian, all the beings she worked with attacked her.
Beings like buddha and tara and others.

Ugh… looks and smells like Xtian propaganda to me.


And it looks totally fake, by the way. Look at the links. Pure propaganda.


still does not negate the experience

Yes, it does lol

If the video is faked, then the chances are very high, so is the experience.


You see a lot of stories like this on Christian sites, usually aimed at New Age. Most of the stories just seem to be propaganda, but if some of them are real, then it is probably just their insecurity or fear taking hold IMO. With a lot of these people you see their Christian roots run very deep. You see that rather frequently among New Agers.


“The 700 Club is the flagship show of the Christian Broadcasting Network” -From the channel’s description.

So yeah, this is clearly propaganda. Christians like to cover all fronts, and while the Pope is busy trying to skim as much money as possible and influencing the law in as many countries as possible, it seems other groups are trying to get people afraid of anything that exists outside the cult of the carpenter.

But there are many personal testimonies of things like this happening from different people.

Christian guilt is a terrible thing, a powerful weapon and it never lets you go once you’ve got it. It’s pure evil. To be avoided at all costs.


The world is a massive stage, can’t you see?
Enjoy the play. :rofl:

My spirit guide the one that was an angel before I got “rid” of her would make it hard for people to read me and sometimes for me to scan/read myself, however. I’d have to agree this seems highly suspect/fake.

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Personally, if the experience was in fact real, I can see this as another case of parts of one’s mind conflicting with others, not spiritual attacks. When you devote yourself to one train of thought and then switch to another, there is going to be internal conflict as you are changing parts of yourself that was developed by the previous path. This is why many have had a tough time when first starting to work with demons, as they may not be used to having their shadow emerge in front of them in order to face it.

Absolutely, it runs very deep. For me after I converted to Germanic/Norse Heathenry my Christian roots were weaken a lot through practice, but for a long time afterwards it still influenced me. It would just take one thing to go wrong and my Christian roots would begin to surface again. And Magick wise because of my anxiety I had a lot of negative experiences when I was starting out, but I pushed through and know the mind can really fuck with you… so these day’s things are lot more peaceful after I’ve realized that, but I can understand when a lot New Agers or Wiccans return to Christianity when something goes wrong, it takes a long time to remove the deep influence of Christianity.

Could be my autism (really), but I really don’t get it why people lie like this.

If you have any issues with Christianity, just a few things to keep in mind.
I used to try to be a good Christian, that was before I realized that all monotheistic religion is just worshiping some guy’s dick. I was raised Catholic, but then I have to keep in mind all the scandals in the Catholic Church that have gotten so much media attention lately, so if the purpose of going to Church was trying to have the appearance of being a good person, I’m not sure how much it does that anymore.
I used to think, wtf is wrong with me, I’m actually feeling good when I pray against the current and feel like crap when I try to pray with it.
I stopped thinking of it as something wrong, and instead as something right. When religion becomes empty ritual, or even worse, counter productive, it is time to take a serious look at what you are practicing and why.