Any alien/extraterrestrial entities to summon?

If so is there an enn or chant i could use?

Are there names?


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holds precise knowledge of every galaxy, star, and
planet in the universe, and can provide detailed information con­cerning those planets which do indeed bear life similar to our own.
In speaking with him on these, however, it is clear that he refuses
to use our modern classifications and names for the various celestial
bodies, either relying on terms from ancient astronomy, or calling
them by names never before heard on earth

  • The book of Azazel.
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No, enns only come from the religion of Demonolatry, and only a select few “demons” in Demonolatry books have enns.

Imo, some entities we already contact are aliens, both extra and intra terrestrial, and incarnate and discarnate… But its a matter of UPG as to which is which, if that’s even the case.

So no “alien” technically has any digil, seal, enn chant or the like, because these are from systems that don’t use the same paragigm as modern alien contact.

Your best best, is to look into CE5 (close encounters of the 5th kind - human initiated encounters) and the CE5 community who have developed techniques to call and meet aliens, and talk to them telepathically (aka via clairaudience). There are guided CE5 meditations on yourube, I like the ones by Dr Steven Greer.
From there, as an occultist you can ask the entity if it has a sigil or chant, and if it’s ok to contact it that way.

Normally, it’s not ideal once you’ve made contact in a secular way, because by all reports, they think our religious notions are primitive and short sighted. Everything is energy to them, and either were all gods or none of us are.