Any advice to on how to prevent a curse being thrown back or if i should even be worried about it?

I threw a curse for the first time yestrerday against someone who has done me great wrong repeatedly over the years. an argument occured between the two of us and i figured it was the perfect time use the hatred that had been brought back to the surface. i have no guilt or remorse and i revel in this persons destruction, but ive never thrown a proper curse before this(not that this one was “proper” it was actually very primitive) and ive always had the slight paranoia of someone being able to throw it back. is this something i should even be worried about?

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I wouldn’t worry about it unless the target is themselves a magician.


You could always do a divination with Tarot or something to check this out and allay any lingering fears… or warn you you’re right and need to something to bypass protections (which can also be as simple as knowing they’re there and intending to do so).


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If they do then do a reversal candle and send it back and up your protection as well.
If you work with Santissima Muerte then ask her to help you as it is a matter of justice.
Usually when i throw curses i sense what the other persons spirit guides, ancestor etc would feel about the curse. Sometimes we are called to do the job of cursing and putting the other person into pain because it is part of their growing.
My only advice is make sure that the curse is a just punishment and that will help teach the person. Dont curse for the sake of taking out your anger.

This is what has worked for me and i never got any backlash :woman_shrugging:


Been there. There is a significant amount of freedom in throwing a curse against a deserving target. I regularly go up against people of ability, both those that know it and those that don’t.

Throw that shit! Do it with deliberation. Do it with fore thought. Do it expecting something in return (possible).

Most will tell you to not strike and then give you some laundry list of thinly covered morals.

Not me. Prepare to strike. Also prepare to be struck. Most aren’t effective against preparation. Study ALL of it. Prepare your attack. Prepare your defense against that and what your target is good at.

THEN…do it.

It’s always a leap of faith. IF it is a part of your path, your spirits will know. They will help you prepare. Heed this advice and accept “interruptions” , as they may prepare you further.


Magickally speaking, no I wouldn’t be worried about it. Once you attain a certain level of realization you know that you don’t have to be concerned about this. If this does not yet describe you, then some protection magick could put your mind at rest.

On a mundane level, people get used to certain patterns and dynamics in a relationship. If you disrupt that pattern, say by fighting back directly (or even indirectly) rather than accepting whatever happens, or even something as non-combative as setting a personal boundary, that can cause the other person to become more enraged or hate you even more because you are resisting rather than giving in, which is what they expect to happen.

It’s pretty much never desirable to remain in a state where you have to be pushed around all the time, so it’s either leave or fight, and if you fight, the other person will probably fight back. That’s not backlash, that’s predictable human behavior.

Ideally, you don’t have to deal with extremely unreasonable people, and such issues can be prevented with open, honest, and clear communication, which is sometimes uncomfortable, but that discomfort is usually short-lived and better than the alternative, which is a festering negativity that grows and leads to more dramatic problems, which again could be prevented with open, honest, and clear communication. If someone uses your open, honest, and clear communication against you, that person is probably an enemy, or at the least not your friend.

If you cannot or don’t want to just fucking leave, then be prepared for further hostilities, even if you are generally agreeable. Aggressive, angry people tend to not change, so it’s either attack and/or protection magick, accept their demands all the time, or leave. It’s good fun and all to get a batch of revenge against an irritating person, but I prefer to solve the problem.