Anxiety, death, fear

I have very strange feelings of dying and I think it has something to do with magick. I dont know what to do. I think all day that I will die. Can someone help me to understand this?

Did you ever try a psychotherapist?
In which way could it be related to the occult?
Did you fuck up with any spirit?

Without knowing more, I can just throw out a couple of ideas to mull over…

  1. You’re feeling the loss of soul fragments you don’t need as your path causes you to develop. This happens a lot with shadow work and when entities have been asked to help you change things about yourself

  2. You are under attack from a parasite or vampiric entity, with may or may not be another human - this is known to cause anxiety and dread and I’ve felt that myself before.


First point might be possibility. I have done shielding before rituals so I think I am not under attack.

Its because I did few minutes before that death magick and baneful workings. It took my energy and started these feelings.

Maybe to much for your psyche and inner bodies? Don’t you think in some time everything can be fine again?

I don’t understand your question.

Second one

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I guess you get cured with time.

Yes and I should do more often cleansing and banishing.

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Banishing doesn’t help me.
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
Try to ground yourself when you feel bad.
It helps me more than banishing.


There’s this type of grounding, where you take your energy, and push it into a tree’s roots. Energy comes out of the top of the tree, which you bring into yourself. Like a circular exchange of energy.

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Very interesting, thanks for the input.