Anubis evocation

Hello everyone. I plan on working with anubis as he appeared during a scan about my path. I have seen plenty of things on this website about invocation. Not so much on evocation.

What has been your experience with evocation of anubis? What offerings did you give? Any advice for me such as dos and do nots, ways to conduct the ritual, etc?

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Everything is on intention. This can be used for evocation.

I rarely invoke.
You can offer cypress leafs. Beer and bread is the standard offerings for the Egyptians. Or you can offer just water. What we take for granted isn’t really so in their eyes.

He’s been very protective and caring, doesn’t talk as much but when he does he speaks to the point.
The only thing I’d advice you is to be respectful, as with all Gods and entities.


Thank you for the information!

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