Anti aging spell

I’m only 22 and I’m kinda already worried about the ageing process. I should mention that I eat healthily, do cardio everyday, sleep 7-9 hours every night, don’t smoke or drink. I live a fairly stress free life although I do have anger issues. I also moisturise my naturally dry skin like crazy. I’m considering getting chemical peels or dermapen treatment. Just because prevention is better than a cure. Are there any good age spells out there?

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I did a anti aging spell with the olympian spirit Hagith of Venus…it worked!


Check out Go Virtual on youtube…i did her anti aging spell with Hagith

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But I do eat well and sleep well and all of that

I didn’t write the post, it was just an option in the forum search & I was trying to help. Anyway, good luck.

I haven’t looked much into this, but here are a few ideas that I have on the subject:

You could try cultivating life energy and storing it inside you.

You could try using the power of water, to wash away the ick and influences of the energy around you, to revitalize your soul. Like make your shower your own personal fountain of youth.

Bless the food you eat and the water you drink. See it nourishing and keeping your body young and healthy.

Change your outlook on aging. See yourself as young and beautiful.

You could experiment with the slowing down of time around your body. Could get even more specific and imagine and command the telomeres to stop shortening, or even regenerate.

You could look into glamours and the use of body language.

The power of imagination along with energy work can work wonders. Its the small stuff, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but compounds and builds day by day, with practice and dedication, that will make the most impact. I dont think there will be a one-shot spell quick fix for the problem of aging, but you can combat it with techniques and tricks done daily.

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Thanks for the intent. I do appreciate it.

Why is everyone afraid of aging? Everyone wants to live long but nobody wants the wrinkles. I wanna be an old hag.


Look into project ambrosia. Have you heard of vampire facials. Anyway the best anti aging technique is aborted fetus blood. How do you think these stars look so good.



For best results apply stems cells directly to the forehead I suppose :rofl:

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There is an age well spell in the goetia pathworking book by Darwin Hargrove.

I haven’t used that one yet, but all the other spells in that book have worked great for me so far, so there’s no reason that wouldn’t.

There’s also the book called You Need Not Age Nor Die by Donald C. Barrie that has techniques and explanations of what causes it and how to counter act it using the life force in water as well as developing your will power to keep young.


Proof that it’s a real thing. Have you looking into anti aging at all lol. The fetus blood is an open secret in China. Look into the sown rat experiment.

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Perform the banishing hexagram ritual of saturn every morning.

Oh yeah, i didn’t say it wasn’t real. I had honestly just forgotten about it lol

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Do you have a link for this banishing ritual?

what the actual fuck

If you want to keep your youth this is how the rich and famous do it. It can’t reverse physical aging tho that’s what Soma is for