Another weird dream

Here again with another dream I had

The dream was me laying on my back spread out
Like this

Now in the dream the numbers 22 where on my left and right are kinda oversized and hovering above them

And than there number 44 was also kinda over sized and hover above my head upper body head area and my lower body around my feet

Now what makes this weird is I knew in my dream the 44 = cat energy …idk why the hell I have this weird dreams but that’s what the 44 meant

But for 22 in my dream I was confused I couldn’t figure out what kind of energy of it was also the whole time the dream never changed from me being in 3rd person viewing my darkended body laying flat in a black void


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For this, I would suggest going back into the dream in trance state to get more information.

You can ask the objects in the dream what they mean and see if they answer, you can call a guide, you can change size and perspective, walk around, move things about and see if things change.


I’ll attempt to but I’m not that advanced
But i appreciate it thanks !