Annoying character - to bother or not?

I’ve been pondering how to go about dealing with someone magickally or not to bother and keep it all practical

I severed my communication with someone bc they had a lot of problems and it was more troublesome to continue

I don’t hate or want to see them harmed - I want them to learn and grow

But they are very harassing and just generally hugely disruptive not just to me , tbh I get off very lightly compared to some and after months of this character being not even in my thoughts they escalated a situation recently

Toying with teaching a lesson and going about it magickally

Not quite wishing to go so far as to harm, I want there to be a productive outcome for them as much as myself

If I was about 15 years younger I probably would think punch them if I was any good at punching. But yeah, that’s the level of how much they kinda need to learn a lesson

Without entangling myself any further since I already got to a point of ugh, I can’t handle this immaturity and blocked off

Tbh I’m fond of them, but like a mum is of a child who drives them nuts and is being really naughty

Up to now I’ve resisted the urge to scare them and now I am considering it

But yeah the end goal is really just that they grow up a bit, are happy and safe, and leave others incl me in peace

Suggestions and advice welcome


Banishment would probably be your best bet. It does not mean the target would be harmed, but be removed.

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How can I idk add safety wheels to that, like to make sure they didn’t end up taken away by going to prison or something

Like I’d like it to be something like they got a really lovely new place they loved?

So banished but def happy

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I’ve wondered about freezer spells

I don’t really connect to that type of magick but might be worth another go

I still also want the person taught a lesson, not nastily just in the way you teach a child to stop doing something naughty

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I am not really sure. I guess you can add “go in peace” to the intention but I have not experimented with that personally to say whether or not it would work. Out of the banishments I have done, only a few manifested in a nasty fashion (such as when I banished with the aid of Sorath). Most of the time, an opportunity comes up that coaxed the target to make a decision that gets them out of my life

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Yeah that’s where I’m pondering it before rushing in doing anything really

It’d be easier if I simply hated them to be sure how to do anything

I’m just not personally comfortable on that, and in this case it would be like harming one of my own kids to do - cause me as much pain to hurt them as them

It is never a bad idea to spend some time to ponder on things a bit. A lot of heart ache can be avoided by doing so.

If you were to boil down your intention for your target into one short sentence, what would it be?

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“X grows the fuck up, leaves everyone in peace and moves on”

I think

Okay then. My recommendation for banishment still stands, but I think there is going to be another ritual needed called a cord cutting. This will help deal with the emotional connection you have with your target and will likely need to be done multiple times. This is not something that needs to be malicious in nature, but I am concerned that your desire to shield the target from harm might get in the way of not only them actually leaving but them learning as well. Unfortunately, growth often has to involve suffering as well.

Does not mean you have to directly go after harming them, but a bird does not learn how to fly by sitting in the nest all its life. Eventually, it has to feel the wind of falling before it can take flight.


I’ve done cord cutting on other targets and I don’t actually feel emotionally tied quite in that way

The person is sort of unavoidable in that they’re in very close proximity

However I have no time for their behaviour or some reactions to it so myself not actually been in the least bothered since I blocked all contact

They are very hurt they lost me and they still have and always will have

But after trying hard to help them for a long time prior to deciding I had done enough and was simply being used to come running to and no actual work was being done on their part or even true recognition of their obvious problems

I still want them to succeed… and cope

Like I literally hadn’t even thought, seen or spoke to them in quite a while then BANG out of nowhere they tried stupid, on me

Yeah really I want to put them in a time out to think about their behaviour :rofl:

Ah lol well, I wish you luck. Binding is not a bad option but it will depend on how much more energy you want to put into the individual. A little divination might be helpful to make a decision.

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Yeah binding might be it actually

But yes still gonna take my time and be sure

What about a reverse mirror shield, that bounces all their negative energy back to them no matter where they direct it? They would learn pretty fast that being negative has consequences they don’t like.

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what like a long holiday ?

confusion and or exert pressure onto them … i have just the thing. but what would the pressure exterted be ? What do you want to achieve ? Get them to move away ?


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Might be the thing…

Just not sure if the amount of crap they’re doing would be too much to reflect back but might be just the thing

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Yeah really I’d like them out of everyone’s way and peace restored

I mean they could do that without moving away but it might be good for them to remove themselves and move on tbh at this point

pm me i have a new process id like to try … I need your full name and full birthdate (dont need a photo of you) and his full name and full birthdate even better a photo.
Confusion with a desire to move away - upon which after moving away the confusion stops…! moves back again confusion starts again - It fulfills dual purpose.

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