Anger is consuming my entire being... pls help

I have been pathworking with multiple Goetic entities. I was forced to give up all my addictions as part of my pact with Belial… Yeah, well, it’s been all good and dandy and I am extremely powerful now… but with a catch of course. I can’t smoke, I can’t beat off, I can’t do shit. And I’m angry. I mean, I am simply overflowing with anger. It is a very unholy anger that distracts me at times to the point where I can feel myself boiling over. I practice meditation for a long time each day. A long time. Even after this I am still fueled by a raging fire… even small shit irritates me. It has been a month since I have done any drugs, cigarettes, masturbation, etc. It’s not withdrawals. I am simply raging with anger.

For example, I made a topic concerning a Satanic wannabe. Just looking at that motherfucker makes me want to chop his head off and consume his eye balls. I usually pay no mind to this kind of simple shit. I have asked Belial what is going on and apparently this is the next part of my pathworking. I am to learn how to control my anger through all situations… and I must detach, he says. Detach, detach, detach, my son…

Fuck, man, this shit is hard. This shit is harder than anything I have previously worked through. I feel like I just need to fuck something… I haven’t had sex in MONTHS and I don’t mind but damn I feel like if I could just fuck the shit out of something I’d be good for about another week lmao.

I need assistance. I need guidance. Belial is of no help right now as this of course is one of his tests for my progression. I need assistance from you. I need tips, tricks, or techniques to conquer this fucking anger, man. Somebody give me some guidance… I’ll forever be in your debt. And for those beginners out there, trust me that if you thought the first step was hard, WOOH DADDY are you in for a surprise. I believe each challenge gets harder and harder. It’s a true test of will and determination.



For some people when they get more powerful through magic their anger and hate gets more worst, that’s what I have heard. For me it’s quite the opposite.

For now though, I think you need self control in which Lilith might help you if she decides to.

Also I highly suggest an aura cleansing. A deep energetic cleanse. :sparkles:


Damn… The crazy thing is I do a cleansing ritual twice a week… I’m good for like a day, man… Then it’s back to the same shit. I make a circle out of sea salt and then transfer all the negative energy from myself to the circle… Shit helps but maybe I need something deeper. Point me to something, please.


i have suffered alot in my life from toxic rage stemming from abuse. What released it was just breaking and smashing things. If you dont want to do that just put something soft on the ground or something and punch the shit out of it. What i have also done is punch a brick wall to the point of bleeding from my hands. I have released it all and now i have a stoic calm most of the time.


My experieince with something similar to this lead to me understanding that these floods of rage and depression are meant to inspire you to use that fire to forge something better. For me, I poured my anger into learning how to code a few languages.

“…but how does that help?”

As I advance my skills to work in the mundane world, it gives me more freedom and flexibility to dedicate time to my other workings. If I can work half the time and have more income, I have less stress and more time to focus on endeavors that I feel are more complimenting to what I want/need.

You never really learn how to effect positive change in your life until you know how to best mitigate and refine the negative to aid in creating said positive results.

Ever been married?

In all fairness, my own patience for the poser crowd is growing thin as well. CoS SJWs and the “gothic” chicks of the world who do it for fashion gets old. Its the one’s who talk about it for the attention and shock value who really get me pissy. You aren’t riding that current alone.

Tune out the white noise. This is something I find myself constantly having to remind myself and refine. I cut off FB and Insta, deleted LinkedIn, and have had pretty much zero social media presence for over 5 months now. That helped alot and the time and emotional investment I got back has helped me focus attention in more productive areas.


what’s behind that anger? meditation stores energy. You need to move it. too much meditation cause stagnant of emotions too. do tai chi. channel them energy to be productive. If you do martial arts , kick some sand bags. Go to the beach and hit some sands. Release in some way. Or play in the swimming pool. the flow of moving in water will give you sense of energy motion. fluid yet soft even when you aggressively punch in the pool.


Be water my friend… You are inside everyone… You can either decide to react and curse the part of you that you see in everyone… Or become everyone and move them as them…
Rage is not the obstacle… The problem is your attachment to your lower self that you see in everyone

You are everything and nought


Belial is known to bring up people’s anger, so just remember that this is part of the process.

Unless you dedicate your life to living as a monk, anger will continue to be with you, especially if you are the sort of person drawn heavily to demonic work. From my own experience, I’d say the idea is not to try to suppress or dampen the anger, but to channel it and use it in ways that do not harm your life.

In some ways COVID has been a blessing for me as it has allowed me a break from being around people. Spending too much time around people has the tendency to fill me with rage and hatred. They are just so fucking ignorant it absolutely disgusts me.

This is just how I am, and rather than trying to push down these emotions (which never goes well), I have learned how to make better use of them and how to live with them so that I can enjoy my life. These emotions can be highly motivating and push you to do well in life, which is useful, but you also need an outlet to release them, otherwise they will fester and infect your behavior in ways that you probably do not want.

Curses are perhaps the most obvious way to do this, but if you just curse everyone around you then you won’t have a good life. It helps to surround yourself with people you don’t hate as well, but this only helps so much. I don’t have an exact specific answer for you because your solutions will likely not be the same as mine, as we are different people, but I would say to look for the ways that you can turn the anger and the hate into pleasure or power. I prefer pleasure, some prefer power. Do what works for you.


As I was sitting here contemplating my anger I suddenly started doing intense pushups and squats and punching the air. It truly helped… I feel a lot calmer.

I must push all my anger into my goals… I have been missing this. I just sit here and it builds up and up and up but I’m not doing anything with it. Thank you.

This is how I know I’m still a beginner in the LHP: I didn’t know meditation stores energy… I thought meditation simply cleared energies or gathered them when needed… I never even knew that I am to be channeling these energies until I read your post. Talk about a noob move… Will you guide me to your methods, my friend? Any threads you can link me concerning tai chi? I can search for them, yes, but I want to hear what YOU are using.

You are right. I am too attached to my lower self… Be water, Makkos… Move slowly, move quickly, but move. I don’t believe everybody is bad at all. I sincerely believe human consciousness is evolving albeit at a slow pace but still. I believe positivity will change the world for the better.

You are absolutely right along with the other very helpful members who posted here. I am exactly like you. I cannot stand to be around 98% of humans. I’m very different like yourself and ignorance is a curse. It is foul. Yet I don’t wish to save them. I don’t wish to destroy them. I don’t find cursing the whole of humanity to be effective for anything but self-destruction. Like Trishul said, I am everyone and they are me. Be water. I must channel these energies. This is what I was lacking…

My anger never pushes me to do stupid things that I’m going to regret later. I can control it. The problem is I don’t want to have so much rage inside of me. It takes a lot of effort to control. Belial has confirmed my anger is the next step of my path-working. I must conquer it, he says. This thread was creating to simply ask for methods to reduce my rage. I have been through enough situations in my life to understand that anger can lead to some very poor consequences. Don’t ever assume my behavior is self-destructive. I have been down that road and do not plan on going back…

Thank you all for helping… I didn’t know that mediation stores energy… I am glad I have this forum to guide me. Be water, Makkos. Channel your rage…


I also experienced anger when had contact with Belial. And I realized that this anger is from inside of me. If you don’t mind working with angels, planetary archangel Camael, which rules Mars probably should help you and calm the anger. He helped me recently with my rage.


This is apart of the process. Take this anger and direct it towards destroying these dependencies until you have no anger left to give. Then, go relax. Drink tea, listen to asmr, lay on the bed relaxed.



I’ve actually had spells of pure rage emerge while pathworking, so I can relate to this.

As silly as it sounds, I like to do Sith style mediationa. Instead of trying to force the anger aside, I focus on it, try to reconstruct the trigger situation and get right down to the root, using it as a source of power in rituals while also learning about myself. For example, I have learned to identify the different levels of aggression emotions (fustration, anger, hatred) and the subtle intentions behind each, which allows me to identify how I can use them.

All emotions, from the pleasant to the painful, are part of our psyche and can be used in combination with our other tools to improve our experience in this life. Keeping a journal of the emotions, their triggers, and what they may be saying on a more subtle level may help you find a use for them ( for example, fear’s would be “STOP!” which can be handy in freezer spells)


Oh my. Yes, I have been going thru the same thing, he really will work with you on your anger, because it is counterintuitive, and will mess up your magick big time, and set you back with him, you might want to consider simply working with him, and take a time out from all magick. Anger and negative emotions that are out of control will cause things to blow back on you. He is big on self control, so just let go of it. It’s not helping you. He isn’t my patron, but I have been considering it, one of the other demon kings is my patron, so find a way to release that anger as it will not benefit you if it’s excessive.

I have not engaged with any angels. I must look into this.

I am acting like I know that you are also a part of the test for my anger. I shall not argue with fools and become as one. Doesn’t seem like you are contributing to much of anything in this thread besides fuel for my fire. Take care, my friend. Good luck.

I will proceed as you have written. I will direct these energies.

Yes, Mr. Charles, I am liking what you have written. I will admit that I never question why I am angry in the first place. You have opened my eyes to new beginnings. Why am I so angry at times? What lies in my subconscious that needs brought to the surface? I have failed in asking myself these very important questions… thank you.

I have not performed any ritual since this all began. I simply am not ready at this time for the reasons you have said. I feel like if I perform ritual right now it will fail and make me even angrier than before. Stay away, Makkos. Thank you for your contribution and warning.


No problem at all, I hope you find the answers to those questions. It can help you go a long way

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Is it a coincidence that right after asking Cimeries to show me my subconscious fears that all of this started happening? I have not thought of this. This anger is caused by something hidden… Cimeries is helping bring it to light while Belial wants me to conquer it. Dear Lord, how could I have been so blind?


:poop: happens in this path. I have one that is raising major tensions and another that is trying to help me tame my anger, both demon kings, so wtf?!:joy_cat: I have a horrible nasty temper, and I’ve been working hard on it, then Asmodeus will flare things up in my home like nobody’s business, so im seriously considering Belial as my patron demon, he’s much more shadowy and dark, but anger is something I must work on as well, as I tend to go on overkill in my rituals, and he urges restraint more than Asmodeus. But you gotta follow Belial to a t, or he’s gone.

Fear can turn into anger, which can be a response to pain as well. It makes sense

And do not beat yourself up, we all miss things, even if it is right in front of us. I definitely have

Wilson, is correct, do not beat yourself up, you can have many enemies in this sick world, don’t be your own enemy. Dark blessings, sending good vibrations your way bro~~~

Beliel is the demonization of yourself.

No Masters. You are Master to yourself.

Welcome to shadow work, babe! Learn to control the anger or else it will consume you. The fire that rages of anger don’t allow for a quick come back. And sometimes we burn bridges by accident.

List everything you hate about others and in the world - there is your shadow self. Pick one and work on it. Then work down the list.

If in anger or feeling annoyed, connect with the heart before your steam becomes fire.