Anger and a Flame of Energy

I have experienced that feeling angry generates a massive energy on top of the head. Its more like a flame. What could be the reason for this?

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Speaking from a qigong perspective, my feeling is because anger creates fire in the heart which increases blood pressure, and causes more blood to flow hotter, often inflaming the face and increasing your yang: you can feel the pressure in your head. It’s not healthy and will be having a negative effect on your liver. It’s best to modulate your emotions so they don’t get this extreme to stay 100 percent healthy.

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But what if I control my anger pretty easily, rarely get mad… but still it happens when arguing about something? And I can hear some explosions inside my ear

I’m not sure, but I would take the approach of looking at what’s happening to the energy in your body and the flows that generate that. You have a flood of qi to the head for some reason, if it’s not anger after all it’s something else. How do you feel when arguing but not angry?

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I rarely ever get angry.
Well, I feel unnormal, like there’s an intense build-up of energy that start from the bottom to my head, and then it peaks like as if my head is on fire. The more I argue, my head lights up for longer, and I can feel the flame on top of my head, prolonging, get more intense… so, I tend to stop and clear my mind… then it stops.

Hmn, I must say I;m a bit confused as the thread started being about specifically anger causing this, and now you’re saying it’s not anger? How would you better describe the emotions around this? Intense mental focus and determination perhaps?

There’s an interesting aura comparison for different emotions, do any of these look related? The one that fills the head with the most energy is still anger.


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Yeah, you’re right. It’s not the typical anger, it’s just a reproach, mostly out of love, and sadness too.
But if this is the reason behind it, why would it be this intense? like very powerful and fiery?

Is this a general thing or always with the same person? “reproach, mostly out of love, and sadness too” sounds klnda personal.

If that’s a factor with someone you know well, and if they’re angry, you could be getting into an empathetic feedback loop where their energy is transferring to you. Your energy is now raised and you give some back, and you get get powerful energy raised with two people like this.

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Yeah, it is personal.
I don’t think angry, but instead, sarcastic and careless.

I don’t know if this has to do with me, coz ppl been curious about how my eyes are, sometimes fiery and red. So, they would blink twice, and get an itchy eye looking at me, instantly. Its weird but got used to it.

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Maybe you just have an excess of yang energy in your head and so a small happening gets a big effect. :thinking:

If you get into qigong where you can start looking at your energy and trying energy balancing, you should get more direct information about it that way.

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I have tried few qigongs, but problem is, it makes me feel like my head is about to explode.
Insane pressure on my head, and its just painful.