Angels of Wrath

Just wondering if any of you wonderful people have worked with this magick before? If so how effective was it? Thank you.


Extremely effective for just about everyone that used it in the GOM group on Facebook. Myself included. ‘The Stillness’ exercise is a gem, even if you don’t use the rest of the magick.


This has got to be my favourite grimoire. Every single time I use it, the results are more than satisfying.

I definitely recommend this one, especially if you like to torture your enemies.


@Yasuke @anon8398376 May you elaborate more about the details? What happened to your enemies?
How did you know they worked?


I bought the book last year and didn’t do any rituals until sometime in November. While I haven’t had complete manifestation because the situation is a little complex, there has been a great deal of movement. It just takes a little patience.


I used Destroy with Wrath on my landlord:

  1. He got separated from his family and told us he would have to live with us.

  2. My roommates and I suddenly found new places to go before he could start living there.

  3. He ended up entering an empty apartment (my roommates and I took all the furniture).

  4. No one is willing to live in his apartment, and he is losing money because of this.

This landlord lost everything that mattered to him in a matter of weeks.

I have also used this spell on an abusive roommate and some of his friends (malignant narcissists):

  1. The roommate’s relationship deteriorated rapidly while his family life became less and less bearable.

  2. One of his friends could not find an apartment and kept facing more and more difficulties.

  3. Another one lost his brand-new car (the first car was also my doing) as well as his job.

Those whom I have met afterwards have been unable to look at me in the eyes.

I always got the result I wanted, if not more. These angels get the job done.


Found out someone was cheating on someone I cared about and had exile forced upon them to where none of his friends even want to be around him now that he’s got such a bad reputation.

He’s the type of guy that will see a couple fighting and slide in the girls DM to try and be the final wedge that causes the breakup, date them, and keep doing it to other people.

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I used this mid-December of last year and now are things starting to happen. I whipped up my emotions into a frenzy and poured them into the sigil while scanning it and shifted my emotions to justice being served when I chanted the angel’s name the prescribed number of times.

Honestly, I was hoping for a certain type of outcome, but I guess this angel felt this was a more effective way to mete out justice.


Hi… thanks for sharing info the other day

Needed to ask you few stuff - but I can’t seem to find the way to dm you :roll_eyes:

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Personally I’ve had much better results with my own made spells.

just cast the spell and use the book process. you’ll get your answer. that’s your proof. you don’t need other’s to persuade you that it works.

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Just ask here.

So you did this exile thingy for a friend - and does thinking bout the outcome or imagining the outcome happened affect the process? What was the eta? The book mentions let the feeling escalate while you focus on the sigil - does that include maybe crying ?

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Yes x100! Cry if it’s that emotional. The more distressed you are usually the greater response when working with angels (in my experience)

I didn’t think about the situation must after the rituals. I put all my emotions and energy I could into the rituals and that was a huge release. I knew the ritual worked when everyone started seeing their true colors as a cheater and compulsive liar. All of their friends started catching them in lies, even about stupid stuff. No one wants anything to do with them.

It took a couple of months before I was given feedback on the ritual from the persons closest friends… but it started working almost immediately since they told me about all of the stuff that happened.


Ok. Crying and screaming is not offensive I hope. And while saying the petition out loud - is it ok to ask for a specific sign within a specific timeframe as a confirmation that my prayer was heard?

Also I was reading some where here someone wrote - your spell won’t manifest if you have not been practicing. Is this true?

I’m not sure on the asking for a sign.

But, not true about not practicing. Most stories you hear about miracles of angels come from non believers in times of crisis.

So if am not a skilled practitioner , my petition will still be picked up?

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Yes! Even if your senses aren’t open you’ll still be heard. Follow the directions, you’ll be good.


I said one of the angels thrice when it was supposed to just be said once during the destroy with wrath ritual. Should I repeat the ritual?

No that’s fine.

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