Angels of Wrath

Anyone want to share their previous experiences and results with the angels of wrath book? I have this book and I’m planning on using it soon.


I didn’t get any result with this book over several attempts. I’ve had much better and easier contact with Goetic Daemons and the Shemhamporath directly.

I don’t get the usual sense of connection with the technique of just reading the names out - it’s like the angel in question doesn’t recognise that as it’s name when I use it. Maybe it’s just me.


I’ve had some very good results with this book, although I’ve experimented a bit with using it. Instead of doing ritual once, as stated in the book, I’ve done it for 7 days for one request. I found it worked quite well that way.


I didn’t try that, I’m stealing this idea. :smiley:


Let me know how it goes! :grinning: Some of the rituals take a while to work. Like the Force Exile one, sometimes takes a while to get someone to move on, but is usually very effective.

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Yes, I’ve definitely found that repetition is key with working with the angels! Damon Brand and Henry Archer stress this in their books. I am repeating the angels of wrath rituals 3x, maybe more if I find they need an extra push.


Has anyone done the ritual in AOW to Eliminate Beauty on someone and has success with it. It’s not one I’ve done before but am thinking of directing at an enemy as payback. As part of some other rituals to bring her down.