Angel's demons and other entities. Who do you work with and do you mix them

We all work with different demons Angel’s and things we have found on our path. So who do you work with and why also do you combine different entities.

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I “work” with the Fae and the “Fae Gods” why? because theyre the ones that has a stronger tie to my true self prior to my reincarnation cycle.


I work with mostly demons. Honestly, I’m not sure the specific reason why. I just click with them more. I guess because compared to most other entities I find them to be a lot more versatile and personable (not to say other kinds of entities aren’t but this is my UPG).

If I mix them it’s usually only because a different type of energy is needed for something. Every entity carries out manifestation a bit differently.


Brilliant to learn. Tbh I have avoided people on paths as they annoy me as I’ve had to learn to do my practise around my job and life. The norse was a big part of me (at thirteen, long before viking wannabes.) But then I also seek that which I am drawn too

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