Angelic Mantras

True, I thought the same.

But I’ve not seen these multiple individuals statements, just claims they have.

Because with this covid crisis it’s extremely hard to see one, and I have seen one, they just say I’m in perfect health.

I even was extremely cold weak, could barely walk, felt like I was gonna die, vomited for hours straight, till nothing in my stomach, drunk water and vomited more, numbness all over my limbs.

I even went to the ER, but they said the tests came positive and I was ok, even though I was not in a good state when I left, could barely walk.

But I left and after a few days, was ok, and everything was normal for about a month, up until about a week ago, when I was feeling a little bit of numbness and slight dizziness.

Now today it’s far worse and getting like that time in ER.

LOng in short of it, even when I was at my worst, they don’t take it seriously enough or try and help, and honestly, whilst all the other staff and nurses were lovely, I got the feeling the doctor was an angel of death.

when I could only lift my arms for 1 second, and was extremely weak, and was discharged, she prescribed me a damn extreme sedative (when weak!) and a very sketchy medicine I looked up called buccal which seems extremely dangerous.

So yeah, all in all, they don’t help, or give me anything, I’ve tried.

I was like “I’m in seriously bad condition here, I feel like if I pass out I could die at any moment, can you do more, tests, like investigate and see what’s wrong with me?”

Just gave me fluids and discharged me after a few hours shrug

Also, no matter how intelligent, tbh, even a higher being imo could be decieved.

But maybe they are fine, but they sure aren’t working for me.

This is far and away more than we can help with. I implore you to seek medical advice because we cannot help you with this reliably.


For the record, the vitality mantra isn’t really for healing, it is for the physical energy to do stuff. And the healing the subtle bodies mantra is just for that, healing the subtle bodies. While healing the subtle bodies does eventually filter down and affect the physical body, physical healing is not its main purpose.

It’s also important to keep in mind that sometimes in healing, both medical and magical, the problem will seem to get worse before it gets better. This is a known part of the healing process.


Have you got one for physical healing?

Cause vitality the word means energy, but it also means like physical health, strength.

So I was wondering if those were the exact words the angel used (vitality) that it may infact have meant not JUST energy.

But I was thinking it might’ve just been energy, but hoping otherwise.

And the subtle bodies, I know is the mix of material between the body and spirit, that ofcourse helps (and that one did help something quite amazingly for me for another issue)

But did they are have anything for pure physical healing? if they ever tell you, let me know.

I did not ask for a mantra specifically for physical healing because I felt there were already many available on the forum so, no, i do not have one.

Yes, the exact words used were “physical vitality.” In my experience with it, the mantra seems to pull in energy/chi from the environment to help vivify the body.

What I think might have happened with you is the excess energy generated by the mantra fed into whatever your ailment is, rather than combating it, in a similar way to how some diseases will actually thrive in the fever the body creates to fight it.


Alright, that makes sense, I was really hoping you’d reply as you have the expertise to make sense of this.

Much appreciated, do you know exactly how the subtle bodies ones work, or at least roughly?

I should perhaps try that one more.

The subtle bodies mantra is for healing any damage to them that may have occurred as a result of magical combat, or incorrect energy work, or even just life in general. Damage to the subtle bodies can directly effect the energy system of the body, and cause leakages, deformed chakras, as well as undefined physical ailments. By healing the cause at the subtle body level, the re-balancing of the energy system will eventually correct any ailments at the physical level caused by the energy damage, though this will naturally be slower since the physical level is denser.


Btw I think you hit the nail right on the money before, and I’ll give you some info for your scientific study of the mantras.

For one thing, I woke up and felt perfectly fine, good even, did the mantra for about 30 mins the ph ysical vitality.

This is the first time this happened in my life, usually If I get a really bad cold I’m coughing for at least 4 whole days, before my lung gets really sore from coughing.

This was definitely supernatural, not only did I get that great pain instantly, but i actually physically felt the infection spreading to my chest, like some kinda reverse wolverine shit.

and usually a cough slowly ramps up, bit it was really heavy immediately out of nowhere, no build up no fever at all.

Then I immediately got really shakey and cold and teeth chattering, like I’d had a really bad cold for weeks, It’s was really unbelievable.

Truly supernatural, I’ll try the heal of the subtle bodies one from now on, the other one seems too dangerous, as never thought of infections/diseases within the body becoming more powerful themselves, instead of just the person/organism.

For some reason I thought something from such an advanced source would foresee this, did the angels warn you of something like this beforehand or?

No, because, as I said, the purpose of the mantra for vitality isn’t healing. It’s for increasing physical energy. It’s basically like taking a dose of caffeine. I use it when I’m feeling fatigued, or running on lack of sleep.


Yeah but, I mean that something like this can happen, like saying “oh btw, don’t use when unwell, might empower disease organisms”

You could imagine anyone using it when they unwell to get through the day.

either way, it was just in my right lung and centre of my chest, but I’ve managed to heal it now.

Feeling normal again, just had to go back to my normal practise.

Except it just started right there full on again in my left lung, so gonna have to clear outta there, but when I’m done I should be ok again.

The subtle bodies one should be ok to use right? Not empower my illness?

Yes, because it doesn’t work directly on the physical level. Clearing physical ailments is more of an indirect effect.

I don’t know. Spirits cannot foresee everything human will do.

No, it’s not Enochian, it is the angelic tongue.

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@DarkestKnight Can you channel the mantra to embody and solidify darkness?

Can we learn and master angelic tongue with fluency if we wanna learn? And is angelic tongue any different from daemonic tongue?


The angelic tongue seems to be quite similar to the demonic tongue.

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Pretty sure Enochian is the angelic tongue?

Yeah the demonic tongue, demoniac is meant to be based on enochian.

There is more than one.

There is the basic tongue, and Enochian.

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Never heard of there being more than one angelic tongue, odd.

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What is everyone else’s experience with these mantras?

Has anyone used them extensively yet?


right away the psychic powers one and the spiritual perfection mantras just click with me,
while others are harder to remember and to stay motivated to use for some inexplicable reason.