Angelic Mantras Redux

Bumping this, as I have added three new mantras to the first post.


Bumping this to see if anyone has experimented with the mantras for soul travel or astral shapeshifting yet.


Dang I wished I had seen those, I only saw the first 2…

I will try them out and report back, can you chant these as many times as you want or is there a specific number like the 1st one

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i deffo will use the soul travel one

As many times as you want. There is no specific number required.


Bumping this hoping some have tried these new mantras and can provide their experiences.

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I remember last time, your mantra’s ALL did the exact opposite for me, and I tried every one extensively, which is a shame as they all seemed so useful on paper.

Like fight fear? Instead got fear so extreme it physically harmed me.

Same with rest, I’ll wait to see what others say about these new ones.

If there is finally more feedback from others, I’ll try these, and if these still don’t work for me, I’ll just conclude angels are my enemies or something.

Actually, it might make sense that this would bring about situations in which you had to face your fears, in order to overcome them. Did you find yourself more aware of your fear and what you could do about it? How did you handle it in response?

Did the mantra not make you aware that you and your feelings do not have to be the same? I would have thought it would make it easier to recognize those things you fear and to dismiss the reaction or to handle it better, react to it differently. :thinking:

I’m just curious as I can’t know, but I do know that just about every time I have personally worked with any deity to overcome what I considered an irrational fear, I was thrown headfirst into a situation where I had to just suck it up and deal with it, get over it real fast, find a different way to react, step back or let the fear consume me and continue on in an unproductive manner etc.

Interesting indeed. Will be curious to see over time how the average user manifest the energy of this mantra into their life. Particularly when directed at a specific fear versus simply raising the energy.

It was just an example, they ALL did the opposite.

One for health in spirit and body, made me really ill and actively hurt me in real time physically extremely rapidly.

They all did the exact opposite.

I was already confronting the fear when I used it, and tbh was gonna deal with it either way, I just thought this would help, it didn’t, it damaged me.

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Unfortunate. I imagine it’s wise to intuit or to divine whether or not energetic changes are wise before we implement them. I do hope you righted yourself and figure out what causes the adverse response in your system.

It might have just been the mantra’s themselves, there wasn’t much feedback on the original post, people said they’d try them.

But no one came back and was like “this was amazing!”

I’ve tried other things that have simply worked or not worked, only these have ever hurt me (or the old ones at least)

Ok,i want to do something big with these mantras, all of my teeth are broken (accident, smoking, depression,bad genetics)and i have no money for doctors, i want to use physical healing mantra for fixing them and i will post my progress in healing with pictures of my teeth,this is a mantra from a powerful archangel who claims that it’s can heal physical body and it’s channelled through a real magician and I’m take it seriously, but i need some extra instruction here from archangel see @DarkestKnight,I’m good at Self hypnosis but my claire’s are not opened and for best and fast result with mantra i need to know the answers of these questions

Does this mantra require trance?and if it does,How deep should it be?my hand and feet start moving in deep trance,i mean i can go very deep
Does this mantra needs energy work too?and if does, how should we do it?
How many times should we repeat it in one session?
Should we vibrating loudly or slowly chanting or silently?
How is this works?make divine energy to matter?or help body do it’s job faster?
How long will it take to heal my front tooth?(i start with that one and send pic’s here)
Can i focus on all of my teeth at once to heal them together?
The crowns of some of my teeth are gone but their roots remain in the gums, can this mantra fix this?
and any extra information he wants to add
Look brother @DarkestKnight i know you’re a busy guy but i think This gives a hundredfold value to the efforts you have made so far

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That’s up to you. It won’t hurt, and I’ve found that the mantras themselves will put you into an altered state so you can chant in trance or out.

Simply putting your awareness on what needs healing while you chant is all you really need to do, but you can also send chi to the area whenever you are not using the mantra to help stimulate the area.

There is no set number of repetitions. Do it until you intuitively feel it is enough.

I personally do the mantras out loud, but you can also do them silently in your head. Both seem to be effective.

I don’t know exactly how it works. I did not bother to ask for the exact mechanism. Generally, though, in my personal experience, the mantras seem to call in cosmic energy and funnel it to where it is needed.

No idea. It takes as long as it takes.

It’s up to you.

I don’t know. You’ll have to experiment and see.


I tried two of your mantras and they worked fine but this one didn’t work at all, i want to know the problem

Physical healing isn’t an instant kind of thing. It can take months, or even years, to reach full recovery and some things are harder to reset than others.

How long did you use the chant?


4 or 5 session,i use 7 to 8 of your mantras and they are great

And by two mantra i meant vitality and subtle body from Raphael

Cool,very cool,I saw this now​:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Man,the first thing i check when i come to forum is your profile and answers(and mike bee and norse 900 but they closed their account).
I’m not forgive myself for not seeing that, one ritual can change my life and i miss it,damn my life

I got pretty good results from this one. The wound wasn’t anything huge but it was relatively painful. I chanted it for 3–5 minutes and noticed a significant reduction of pain, followed by eventual recovery of the wound by the next day.


Thanks, I just chanted this one for an hour for a long standing issue. Havent noticed a change, but this is unlikely to be a quick fix issue. Ill try doing this daily for a while. But probably for maybe 15-30 minutes. The throat found an hour disagreeable