Angelic Initiation Question

So i have decided to initiate myself into Angelic deities. Im not really forcing myself to a certain flavor of working. Do you guys have any good links or angelic initiation rituals? Im most likely going to make my own initiate ritual, but i would like a base to start the concept of mine on. Any information would be good. I will eventually work with many angels but i plan to only work with one or two for now.


You do not need to initiate to work with angels, nor do you need to initiate to work with demons. I have worked with both for quite some time without doing so.

Initiation tends to be more for specific traditions, or systems, of magick, rather than currents. However, in my opinion, you should contact an angel and ask them directly to initiate you. I recommend either the archangel Raziel, the Keeper of the Secrets of God, or Metatron, the Angel of Ascension.


Yea i was reading about it not being needed to work with them. I just would feel better if i did, almost like keeping a deal. I have a tendency to slip out of practice so i like to make things that force me to stay with it. I actually contacted Raziel for help with a ritual a few days ago. I need to look into metatron though. Thank you! Always great knowledge coming from you!

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Idk about angelic deities lol but you could also look into “pathworking” the 7 archangels who stood before Yahweh or the 12 archangels.

Archangel Ariel – “The Lioness of God”

Archangel Chamuel – “He Who Sees God”

Archangel Zadkiel – “The Righteousness of God"

Archangel Gabriel – “Strength of God”

Archangel Raziel – “The Secrets of God”

Archangel Metatron - “Angel of Ascension” or in some views the lesser Yahweh

Archangel Jophiel – “Beauty of God” or in some views “Watcherman of God”

Archangel Jeremiel – “Mercy of God” (more times than not replaced with Uriel)

Archangel Raguel – “Friend of God”

Archangel Azrael – “Whom God Helps"

Archangel Uriel – “The Light of God”

Archangel Sandalphon – “Brother/together”


I meant angels by “angelic deities” its super late and i need sleep lol. Quick question as i saw it mentioned in some posts. Sometimes the angels are mentioned as not working with Yahweh and supposedly some disliking him. . What exactly is that about?

Some do, some don’t. It’s a hierarchy. Just as not all demons work under Lucifer or Satan, not all angels work under Yahweh.


Some angels who chose to leave either with Lucifer (1/3 of the heavenly hosts) or on their own a handful most likely do not like Yahweh.

However archangels per their rank have to work with Yahweh, not all entities care for their creators but like any civilizations ranks are present.

Archangel is a rank within the heavenly hosts, Michael and Zadkiel for example were seen as seraphim archangels, their rank vastly holds more weight compared to a angel archangel, or a ophanim archangel, etc.

They would not really be archangels if they did not work along side their civilization and its creator so to speak.

However, angels have free will they can work with or for their creator but they can also ultimately put their own desires before his. As Michael and many of the archangels do.


@DarkestKnight @Velenos

Very interesting. So much like how a person in the military has their own agenda but must also take the militaries agenda and their leaders agenda aswell. Interesting.

On the different groups of angels, is there a good link where i can learn about the different groups of angels? Ive heard of the cherubs and the wheels i think they are called? Im not sure. Any help would be great. Thank you both for the help. It means alot!

personally I find that seraphim, cherubim, ophanim, and angel are more the species of angel while the rest are ranks, but angels can move up in rank as their wings have been thought to show species and rank.

Zadkiel and Gabriel lead the dominion, but also the hashmalim who are believed to be who authorizes a human’s ascension into angels.

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Thank you for the information. Do we have any knowledge of the rank of angels beyond archangel and such?

The way I tend to view it from my own experiences is seraphim act as the council that gets word from God and past it among the rest, cherubim act as something similar to congress, and ophanim the eyes and ears of the heavens.

Guardian angels are the lowest rank and each archangel is a chief of various groups of guardian angels.

I also like this image lol


That will be saved and printed out for my grimoire. That is an amazing image. One last question before i finally sleep (this is super interesting as information on angels seem to be lacking in the magick community) how would one figure their guardian angel out? I saw a thing which goes by birthdate but that seems a bit weird.

When I had a guardian Angel she was found through scanning and meditation. Never go off generalized birthdays and such as it only gives you well known angels. My guardian Angel at the time wasn’t a well known Angel actually wasn’t even present in any books.

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Thats what i thought. It seemed very off. Im glad my intuition is getting better. I suppose i will look into my angel with time. Thank you! I truly am appreciative of all of the help.

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No problem, my time with angels were pretty interesting and I do agree with DK and Helena on the sensations from being around them lol.

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Sensations? I havent heard anything about that.

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gotcha. So they have a very bright and warm energy. They also seem very fierce. Interesting. Yea the other night i had a weird dream here

It was way more intense than any demon visiting in my dream.

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Pretty much however Hashamalim and Zadkiel often feel more storm related unless he’s using the violet ray which has this intense warmth, for seraphim it’s even more interesting when they’re in their serpent/dragon forms.