Angelic counterpart of Mephistopheles?

Hehe just curious… If Mephistopheles is known as the Grand Demon of black magick, is there a possibility that he has an Angelic counterpart which is a master of white magick?

In a topic I found I want to introduce a Faustian Spirit: Mephistophiel

It mentions that the Throne Angel Zadkiel reigns over this demon. Does that mean Zadkiel might be a Grand Angel of white magick and that way he contradicts Mephisto’s area of expertise?

JK Jehannum says Ophiel is Mephistopheles. Ophiel is one of the 7 Olympic Spirits and is considered to be an Angel, although the Olympic Spirits seem to be more like Planetary Spirits…

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I would refute that. In my experience, Mephistopheles is nothing like the Olympic Spirits.

@Aditya I’m not sure about a direct counterpart for Mephistopheles, but the Archangels Raziel and Metatron would fit the bill as “Grand Angels of Magick.” Raziel is a the Keeper of God’s Secrets and Metatron is the Angel of Life and Ascension.


Yes I don’t agree with him either on that matter.


There is no counterpart of Mephistopheles, he is a very powerful and mighty demon



Archangel Seraphim Zadkiel is one of the Dominion Leaders and head of the Hashmalim along with Gabriel I believe. He’s not a throne ranking angel. He’s over the Violet ray of transmutation, not sure his counterpart would be Mephistopheles.

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While there isn’t really a set counterpart for Mephistopheles, Raziel might be the closest you’ll get.


Thank you for all the nice answers everyone!
Yes, I have thought of Raziel too… He does fit the bill :drooling_face: