Angel to Contact for Opportunities to Move

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I’m trying to figure out which angel and sigil would be best to present opportunity to move to a more rural area. I have wanted to live in a more rural area for a long time but I’m not sure how to secure employment in another town before moving. Also, I’ve found that these rural areas that I look into have less job opportunities. I have upper respiratory issues and I’ve found that in the last few weeks my respiratory health has dramatically improved since there hasn’t been very much traffic. Also, I have issues with anxiety and living in densely populated areas exasperates it. I’ve looked through the books I have on angel magick and sigils, but can’t seem to find anything in particular that would be well suited for this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

I’d work on skills you can get remote jobs for, these are mostly in IT but there are others, from editing and graphics to web admin, data analysts - IT has a general dearth of skills in the market, but you need some knowledge upfront.

You’ll need a laptop and WiFi connection to self train, and companies hiring remote employees provide laptops and sometimes cellphones, and some travel may be needed for roles such as Project Managers and Business Analysts.

Cheap/free training is available to get you started to see if you like the subject matter - udemy, codeacademy, skillshare, etc - try upwork for remote freelance jobs to build xp and resume etc.

Maybe look at the local online papers for what jobs are available so you can position yourself to compete.

I don’t know any angels for this, someone else probably will. I do know a Daemon (Spirit, in Greek) called Hala’thor that I’ve had great results with.


King Paimon, he is a great teacher, even modern technology. As long as your willing to spend time with him, and make an effort.


If you do not know how to use the magic to achieve your goal, you should go to him first, he will guide.

Dont forget all angels aren’t just tied to one role, they are good at everything, leaders of millions who can help.

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Didn’t think about metatron, but it makes sense.

The Archangel Zadkiel

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