Angel or Archangel to petition

I would just go straight to the point.i need to raise an amount of money quickly.

For personal reasons,I am only interested in working with/petitioning angels, archangels,deities or spirits,that do not identify as a demon.

Please can i get any suggestions? And also how to go about?

If you feel there are mantras that would do the work,your suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you


Angels usually work slower. And in terms of good and evil, capable of everything that demons are.
Why are you limiting yourself? (Not judging, just curious.)

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Thanks for your response.

Still overcoming the fear orthodox religion placed in me concerning demons as being evil

You have any suggestion of a demon? And also any remedy that can banish all fears and make me more open minded(I heard that there are mantras for fears)

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Tzadkiel is the angel of Jupiter, that might help. Or use the angel and intelligence of Jupiter.


Thank you very much.
Please how do I go about doing this?

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They would be found in the book The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie. The names of the angel, intelligence and spirit for a given planet are provided along with sigils.

I have a book on shemhamphoresh but will have to go through it tonight for you, as I have to leave for work soon.

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I am more than grateful.

Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause

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You could try this:


No inconvenience, no need to say sorry. Im a Christian as well, at least up until lately.


King Asmoday has given me fast (emphasis on fast) money… he never fails to do so but he initially also turned me into an angry overly emotional mess after the ritual. He had to, to make my energies move. Marsian energies work fast, in my opinion… Be cautious though.

Other option would be Bune. I heard many people had success with bune, and she/he is very nice to work with.


The mantras are very good and I have used other ones but they are nice to use every day to strengthen rituals or just overall boost no matter what we do spiritually

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Thank you.

Please how can I petition him SAFELY (I had to add safely because you stated that I should be cautious)

Angels do not necessarily work slower than Demons, especially the Archangels.

You can call upon the Archangel Tzadkiel for this, and by using the book ‘Archangels of Magick’ by Damon Brand. It is safe to call upon him, no need for serious caution, he is a very benefic spirit like most known Angels and Archangels.


Since I didnt petitioned him „safely“ ( triangle or so) I dont know. I can tell you, since he cant be banished anyways one just has to accept his presence once called upon. He comes and goes.
I meditated on his sigil told him my intent offered incense and some sexual energy (its of debate wether or not this is appropriate).
Then he started testing me tormenting me and filling me with a lot of rage and anger…it might happen to you too…but I got the money in the end. With time (around 8 weeks later) we got along much better and I saw his human form. To me he came like an elderly man looking like a joker with copper hair wearing a flaming red suit.
I think showing him enough respect will be fine. Also you could write a chant, find words of praise, since he loves that, he is a king after all. Also the forum is full of useful content regarding him.

If he sees that you are serious about self improvement I am sure he will influence your life in a good way. But still mars energies are raw fire, and his energy is that of a gangster or casino owner. If you go ask a underworld king for help, what do you expect? Sure There might be some trouble, but it can be worth it. I dont really recommend it though if you are new to demonolatry because I was a bloody beginner, and it did hurt me. I dont know what will happen if you do it, I dont know you or your Situation.

Especially michael and raphael.
So maybe ariel for money?

I feel like angelic energy works slower though in terms of seeing the bigger picture. Demons feel a bit more straight forward to me. Maybe its subjective.

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My feeling is that they are more concerned with collateral damage that might come with granting your request. Demons have so no such qualms and will gladly step over and crush anyone who happens to roadblock your request. Then again I think it depends. Some Demons may take more care then Angels and vice versa.

This is a way to describe „straight forwards“ :sweat_smile:

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In my experience, I would not say they work slowly at all. If I do a ritual calling on angels, most of the time I can expect the results to manifest within days. Of course it depends on what you’re asking! But in my experience they tend to work fast like that.

I will say this: If you work with an angel or spirit who is of the nature of a planet that was afflicted or weak in your Natal chart, that magick is likely to manifest slowly or with trouble. If working with a spirit of the nature of a planet that was well dignified and strong in your Natal chart, that magick is likely to manifest very fast and powerfully.

Well saying that demons are likely to crush anyone without regards to ethics is likely not helping the OP with their fear about demons lol, so I’ll say it does depend on the demon! For example, you can ask Prince Orobas with Wealth, and I wouldn’t imagine that the Magician or another will come to harm in the process.

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