"Angel" numbers, constant number symbolism

Hi. It’s gotten to the point of me making a thread about it because it’s too prominent.

I see the number 4 everywhere now. I’m used to seeing ange numbers, I always pay attention but not only can the internet not give me anything but “THERES A MESSAGE FOR YOU”, I see it every day. Multiple times. 3:44. 4:04. 4:44. 5:44.

Or just the singular number 4.

I want to know if this has any important message attached to it.

Not sure if it’s accurate, but here’s a site I found that talks about what the number could symbolize: https://mysticalnumbers.com/number-4/

Something that they don’t mention is that in some East Asian countries, the number means of death. In at least China and Japan, it’s considered a bad omen to encounter something in fours, and it’s considered very inappropriate to give someone a present in fours.

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I am chinese. This kind of sucks.

Wasn’t raised in that tradition so I do hope in means something else.
Thank you!

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All those numbers can have different meanings.

Different sites interpret the energies slightly different but views but generally agree - try this one, where you can type the numbers in the site’s search to find that number and related numbers, e,g, https://www.sunsigns.org/?s=544

344: Joy, sociability, being with friends who ‘get’ you
404: Keep up the great work
444: Honesty and inner wisdom
544: Embrace life’s obstacles


From a numerology app I use:

4: “Building, formation, hard work, endurance, seriousness, practicality”

My observations: Cutting fluff. Makes me think of what my parents are doing right now going through storage bins, taking every single thing out, deciding whether or not to keep it, and then they’ve created a massive pile of stuff that they have to figure out how to dispose of (will take weeks). This is all in preparation for them to move to a smaller place.

Downsizing to increase efficiency. Capricorn/Saturn type stuff. Building a structure or system to enhance stability in the long run. You have to experience limitation to do this. Depression, especially if you compare it to the previous number, 3, which is joyful. The transition from 3 to 4 feels like and is a kind of death. (I’m thinking about how I feel going from a 3 month or 3 year to a 4 month or year.) But it’s for a good reason, and it passes. The next number, 5, is a release from the work/depression of 4.

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What do you or possibly @Satanswife or anyone else think of 10:04? this is the past 2 day now, every 10:04 night or day. And waking up at a 10:04. I google and get generic shit, so I’d love to know what vibes that gives in particular to you guy… it’s been way too prominent.

Tip: You can just copy these URLs, (Right click -> Copy Link location etc) edit them to put in the number you want, and paste that into the browser address bar, to get to any number meaning quickly.


Caveat: rely on your intuition if you feel a different interpretation coming to you. Your own gnosis trumps anyone else’s.

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4 DEATH (well if Asian I guess )

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That’s a way better way to look at it!

Thank you!

Like the death tarot card it’s hard to say DEATH to what.

A disease
A crappy job
A situation

Hard to say unless divined more. Of course numerology would have a different number. Interesting to investigate but I wouldn’t accept the flat general online readings that cover a very broad area. Individuals are very different. And you might want to navigate astrology as well as your heritage name.

If closely tied to ancestors, guides or ever spirits (beings that have never had to live as we but always spirit) then work with them.

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Let’s say I was in a place, cult like, and I am leaving now. Slowly, but I’ve been getting away. Is that death to that situation? Does that mean it will be gone?

You might cut it but will they pursue you?

Angel number 44 is good sign that tell you how to overcome of you problem mean It may be good advice in this number. You can just keep it in memory

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