Andromalius how to summon

This going to be my first Ritual.
I want to conjure Andromalius because of the outright disgust I have witnessed in the behavior of Human beings.

I want truth and I want responsibility…


Search for invocation, evocation and pick one? Check out E A Koetting’s youtube channel for filmed rituals.


I work with Andromalius a great deal. I love him and he is one the most efficient and honourable spirits I have had the honour of working with. He sorted out a major issue for me in under a month.

Get his sigil and red candles and an indigo candle if you have one. Offerings of blood, rose wine, raw eggs, sweet cakes are also good and fresh strawberries.

Write your petition and add photos and details of the targets in detail,place under the candles and evoke at night time preferably between the hours of 12 and 4am.

Burn dragons blood inscence and chant his Enn for about ten mins whilst looking at his sigil. Add blood to the sigil.

Tell him why you need his help and then ask him to enjoy the offerings. You will probably hear hissing as I do as he arrives with a serpent.

Leave the candles burning and then after burn the petition and dispose of the offerings.

Ask for him to involve his legions and report back to either Lucifer, Azazel or Andras.


I have used the Satanic ritual from joy of Satan to summon Andromalius about a year ago .some member of the great unwashed kept turning up in our close trying to let themselves into peoples cars with a view to stealing anything not bolted down two people have cc tv cameras and he could not even be bothered to hide his face when the video was shown to the local thames valley police (worthless bastards) they instantly new his name but when we kept asking them why they haven’t arrested him the answer was they had no idea where to find him (Useless fuckers) so after another year of visits from this twat I decided to call up Andromalius The ritual felt really good and in the end I put the bloodied sigil in the car on the dash board where it is in full view all the time From that day on since then we have not had ! visit from that idiot. Have the police banged him up (i doubt it they are far to lazy for such a job as stopping a criminal )
I don’t know how Andromalius got rid of him although I do hope it was extremely painful and i don’t actually need to know But thank you Andromalius for the peace of mind for the last year life has been grand. He is well worth calling up if you need justice when the powers that be can’t be arsed .HAPPY MAGICK everyone