Andras for break up

wondering can andras just break up my exs new relationship without actually harming him physically
i would like him to leave him with a broken heart like he did to me when he left?
after he has broken them up i want to bring him back to me


I’ve never called on Andras personally but from what i know of reading up on him that might be messy.

Have you considered causing infidelity in their relationship or maybe putting a love spell on your ex so they want you back and then turning them down? Returning the heartbreak?

If you are set on bringing him back another entity such as Belial might be a better fit. Or simply try the “Bring my ex back” spells people have posted here.


ive had a few spells done but he came back, we met up twice and now hes disappeared again and ghosted me, im not sure if he has a new girlfriend but i am just assuming as he has fobbed me off again
the first spell was done in april and there was gradual movement then we met and after that it just started to fizzle again
how does belial work? can he break through all the barriers


He is an adept manipulator.


is there any demons who continue to work after you have your ex back or do most of them just leave once its done?


That I’m not sure about. The thing about changing people is you have to keep it up.

An alternative you could consider is attracting a new and more suitable mate for yourself if upkeep is a concern.


this is the love of my life i have never felt this way for anyone in my life
i need to keep at it until he comes back,
i have amon baphomet yemaya working on different things towards the same outcome so i am hoping its maybe taking a bit longer but will achieve it soon
although the answer i got from him last week was asking me why i am not over him yet and that i will get someone else
so not sure what going on there


Try Belial. His info is on the forum.

If that doesn’t work then the it may be time to consider that the spirits have something better in mind for you. Give it one more go and if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted you can cross that bridge if it comes to it.

Ask Belial to use his powers of manipulation to convince your ex to come back. Let us know how it goes.

Good luck :rose:


thanks so much

yes i understand i will try it out

could be that its taking longer than expected


Why messy? I would think Andras would be great for a breakup…especially if you wanna cause strife and destroy it and if the people caused a lot of pain to others in their union


Andras would be a good call if you’re an experienced magician. He doesn’t have patience for newcomers.


I think Andras’ skills at sowing discord might be overboard for someone who wants to break up a couple to get their ex back by creating too much rage in the targets, making for a messy situation with the particular direction the op wants to go.

A being who can break them up while convincing the ex to go back to the op, such as Belial, seems like a cleaner choice to me.

I would use Andras’ if I wanted to make two people absolutely ruin each other, or worse to each other. But for someone I’m trying to get back into my life I wouldn’t want the extra mess that would be attached to the person from being overcome with rage via Andras’ assistance. People overcome with rage destroy property, hurt people, ECT, all of which have consequences that could affect me if I bring that person into my life as a lover.

In other words, he seems a little too good at disputes for a job like what the op has in mind to me.


Andras is overkill for this.


What if I want to cause absolute destruction and pain to my childs father and homewrecker that taunted my life since i gave birth and was abandoned? My ex I want him to pay too and feel guilt and remorse after learning his own lessons but I want her to be absolutely demolished in any and every way. Andras wouldnt be good for this?


Yes he would. I would use him for someone I want to destroy, not someone I want back in my life.


Asking Andras to beat up your ex would be like reaching for a rocket launcher to use as a fly swatter. Try using Amon instead as she or he “causes strife” as one of her of his offices.


Another valid option is Dantalion who specilizes in both “mind control” and love. You can get Dantalion to get your ex to be sweeter on you i.e. receptive for reconciliation.


Actually you could even do both as a sort of combo spell i.e. have Amon cause the strife leading to breakup and have Dantalion draw your ex back to you and you can have Dantalion make your ex’s new woman start eyeing other guys or some other guy trying to get with her. Women whether single or in a relationship almost always have some other guy(s) trying to shot his shot. Therefore you are helping to transmutate the energies and redirect them.


I want to heed your advice but I’m crying in despair and hopeless and powerless :sleepy: I dont know what to do anymore. I’m fighting to get rid of this homewrecker for the last 3 1/2 years since we had our Son when he left me days before I gave birth to run off with her and her taunting me and him disregarding all hes done to us and how bad hes hurt me has caused me to go so insane that CPS has been called 3 times already and just again yesterday because I had a breakdown with him and then I had to go to court today to finally settle with him and agree to let her around my son once he turns 4…I’m gonna lose my son altogether because of him. They said I’m mentally unstable now to raise my son. All I ever begged for was to get her out of our lives and restore our family. I am drained. Cant get out of bed. Fearful of losing the only thing I have left and any magic I have done before drained more of my energy while never working. (I’d end up building up all the memories and pain and breaking down mid ritual) even vinegar jars. I’m at the end of my rope and honestly suicidal because I cant even find one person to help me either get rid of her or make him consider our family again. She was married when she broke my home and knew I was 9 months pregnant. She didnt care. She stills mocks me and laughs how she stole and made her own family for herself. Pure evil. I’m on the verge of the state taking away my son now because he won’t leave her and I won’t stop suffering. I give up. No one can just fucking tell me what strategy to even begin from. Do I break them up? Do I make them first first for a consistent period of time and then go for breakup? Or can I just skip breakip and make him miss me and our son and want a family for once and get him back even as hes with her…theres like 100 things to do…1000 strategies and no one ever helped me start with a plan and now I feel like it’s too late…my life is finished…I cant live anymore :sleepy:


I’ll message you in a moment and we can talk about what exactly you want for your situation and work out a plan.


I haven’t worked with Andras, but I recently trotted out the breakup spell from Magickal Attack (yup, the 30-day spell) to get a friend of a friend out of a toxic/abusive relationship. Without wanting to get into the details…it does take time (and in extreme cases may need to be repeated) but it’s definitely working.


Mama, don’t ever give up when it comes to your baby. It’s never too late and your life isn’t over yet. There’s always a solution and you have plenty of resources here to guide you. Dig deep, no matter how drained you feel, dig deep, find the energy and strength to fight for your baby.

I have a 2 yr old with my son’s father and if he were cavorting and carrying on with a woman that didn’t bring out the best in him and instead caused him to treat me or our child negatively, I’m bringing out the big guns and destroying her. Utter annihilation is what I would be looking for. Period. You don’ t get to come in between me and the father of my child and how we co-parent OUR child and think I won’t defend the situation spiritually. No. :coffee:

Find the energy mama, you can AND will win for your baby. Don’t let him see any emotion, don’t break down in front of them because they will turn around and use it against you as they’ve done in the past. They taunt because they know they can get a reaction. Be strong and show no fear.

Good luck and sending lots of positive energy your way. :bouquet: