And with far strange aeons,even spirits may need to die

well i figure it this way. an angel,or spirit of any kind is a being of higher dimensions than this plain can currently handle. and as such there appearances in this plain are avatar-like instruments. now these avatars,whether they are corporeal or not (usually incorporeal) can be killed with a sufficient spell. sort of like killing a roach outside of the main infestation,means you don’t have a roach nearby,but there are plenty more where that came from

I’m proposing that each instance of a spirit that appears in our plain is a killable being.and so as such if you kill it,the spirit will retreat from the area and have to remanifest itself somehow

I’m also thinking that perhaps for any vampires out there it would make a good feast,what better meal than a slain spirit-avatar?perhaps a touch better than having to feed on the spirits of corporeal mortals

anyone else have experience with this idea?using death magic on a manifestation of a spirit and feeding from the avatar-corpse?

This is pretty much how I approach removing parasites that won’t respect a basic banishing, I use the word ‘incarnation’ rather than instance, with the model that the spirit is ind of ‘wearing’ a body, which it’s a body of energy. In this model, humans are incarnate into multiple bodies at once.

Killing something means removing the spirit and possibly other subtle bodies from the targeted body.

I don’t consider this death magic, but I don’t really believe in ‘death’ as a thing, and I don’t believe in ‘death essence’ or other concepts from western necromancy. Precisely because the spirit is always alive. I don’t die by getting out of my car, so I don’t die when I leave the human vehicle, though that is a significant life change, more like leaving a job that getting home with the groceries, as a lot of contact with certain entities will go away :slight_smile: I visualise fire to destroy a body as a general go to technique.

Energy from the cosmos is better. Discarded energy bodies are dirty and you don’t want to absorb the damage and accidentally manifest that in your own bodies. “Feeding” energetically is not like the human digestive system, which has built in breakdown and immune system features, you have to remember to deliberately find and fix quality issues with the energy, and if you aren’t equipped to see an issue, you’ll just ‘eat’ it. Better to leave it to the larvae and other astral wildlife that exist to clean up this type of discarded energy as they are adapted for it.

oh i indeed understand that an energetic corpse may be dirty in some ways,but considering all of the powers and emotions humans may weild,its a lesser of two meals situation here,and the energy corpse of a default spiritual seems less dirty than a person spirit

I haven’t tried it but it would be an interesting experiment. :slight_smile:

I’m very used to simply reaching out to the cosmos if I want energy, so for me it wold be a bit like having an all you can eat buffet and choosing the cucumber sarnies with the corners dried up instead of the wings… like, why? :joy:

eh,to me?all you can eat ad infinitum is abit like unlimited ramen noodles,useful but you get tired of it after awhile,sometimes the cucumber sandwiches can be a tad more nutritious than the noodles XD

removing being from area is already existing method and practice, there are alot of communities/small cities of “living-god” who practice this draco-based city/spaceship building scheme, mostly based on current earth population, less, as you said, spirits that may need to die… if you understand.

killing spirit is another matter, if you ask precise question i can explain how to outrun being… but thats not very lightly taken subject if we mirror ourself as creation of god,.

but yes, there is war coming, mix it with aeons or mayans or great reset or whatever you call it what mortals are being threatened with :stuck_out_tongue:

My fucked up ex is from the great reset timeline. He is totally insane. He wears one of those hats that covers the ears, believes that he has to obey the Illuminati and got rid of some of my magick books.

Killable is a bit of a misnomer in my opinion.

I think as far as banishing and the question of killability of a spirit: Since everything is energy and energy can’t be destroyed I think it’s more apt to say you can disperse their energy to the point where they have to chase it all over and recollect it before they can coalesce to manifest themselves or their actions again which isn’t killing them so much as disabling them and rendering them if not harmless then ineffective until such time as they can coalesce and reform sufficient to manifest and enact their intentions again if you succeed (and as it’s is not the same as dismissing an entity it won’t be the same as that or produce the effects of that action it will produce its own result imo dispersal and temporary incohesion of the entities energy mass in the event of your banishing ritual concept). Because you can’t destroy aka kill energy so to repeat kill an entity is incorrect terminology .

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