And this is why Magick, parasites and shadow people are no joke


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I need to remember to post my blend I used for cleaning to help banish and protect.


I did my usually weekend home cleaning, cleansing this weekend. Then this Saturday starting it off a day earlier along with my general banish, cleansing before and after my works. Then come Monday kicking it up a bit to keep all away while we work

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I’m doing some major cleaning tonight either before or after I do my Eos ritual.

I recommend you to use megatron prayers to banish it away and forever to the wild… make sure you use the word banish it forever to the wild because banishing it without pointing destination will banish him with giving it the freedom to leach in to someone else.

Megatron or metatron?


I didn’t even check that… I personally don’t vibe well with either.


metatron sorry the auto correction keep putting Megatron


Just wanted to bump this incase any newer members are dealing with this stuff.


Random: i personally felt reminded to Akr.eoth when i was reading about chinchin in the book “francis of the filth” (the book by filthy frank, if you remember him)

Though that comparison is unfair.
He likes chicken, suffering, war, sex.

He approached me when i started to rebuild myself.

anyway. that reason i post this here, is because i dont remember him ever helping me with a physical issue. Always something spiritual. And i get the impression he cant kill you unless you beleive he can.

This was a great great read.

I’m happy to see how this community comes together to help selflessly.


My heart is full of gratitude

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