Ancient demon language

Hey does anyone know the actually demon language and where i can find it at. The internet speaks mainly of old latin. But i was more referring to something the 9 kings and others would like? Please enlighten Blessed Be.

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Or Sumarian
South Arabian (musnad)

I feel like this is what your referring to.

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Is this nabatean…? Im trying to convert to actually language of the demons


Whats the most popular people use on here

If you’re referring to the script on the universal circle then it is Nabatean, so is what you posted though that’s a shit pic

Lol its Wikipedia

Enochian is the angel language wouldnt they be pissed even though some are fallen angels

Ask king paimon about this if you want more he was thier god of learning.

Yea im still getting use to king paimon hes great but i have a hard time seeing if its him talking or just my brain imputing words for him.



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I know this is SO late but I was looking for a language that I was feeling that I was starting to get. But this isn’t it lol But is it weird when I took a look at the script from the link that it felt….incomplete? Like there is missing parts to it.

This is exactly what you’re looking for

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According to what the Divs told me, the demonic tongue is pure intention. Words are the carriers of these desires. Nowadays, most of us speak without much meaning and intent behind our words.
The person who wields the demonic tongue can put strong intent behind any sound. These sounds can be deconstructed by our subconscious mind with ease.
The demonic tongue isn’t a language like any other.