Does anyone know a way I can find and connect with my ancestors? I know since they’re spirits I can probably call them like any other but how do I find them? Idek who my ancestors are!

Not all your ancestors are spirits, some could very well be reincarnated and you’d be evoking their spiritual bodies.

However, if you do not know them you can go the long way and research your ancestry through dna tests (23&me type stuff like I have) or you can go the route of ritual summoning your family bloodline, of course to avoid possible posers you can include shielding in with it.


A lot of what occultists believe about ancestors is either UPG or tradition specific.

The ways I connect with my ancestors these days involve offering them white candles and fresh, cool water and venerating them at my ancestral altar. Every once in awhile I’ll give them some food, liquor, or cigarettes. After I give them their offerings I call out to them and then list the names of the ancestors that I knew when they were alive and then add “and all ancestors known and unknown”. Then I just talk to them. Tell them what’s going on in my life and in the world. In times of struggle I like to lean on my ancestors but I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been slacking in this area lately.


Ancestral work has the most done on it though shamanism.

You might try something like this: