Anansi Summoning/conjuration/evocation?

Since I’ve been getting more into writing more stories and screenplays, I had this idea to seek out one of the greatest story-telling God, at least that I know of, Anansi. I wish to captivate and inspire my readers and audience, without fear of lacking in quality or becoming yet another Hollywood hack with no creativity. In a way, I’m looking to Anansi to not only inspire, but also enhance my creativity. Among other things, that I have no doubt he’s able to do for his worshippers.

Oh and I’m very new to African Gods/Goddesses, so also I would like to gather more knowledge about the pantheons from the Continent. Though Anansi is my priority deity.

The only knowledge I ever got about the African pantheon is a book written by William Wraithe about sigils of the African pantheon but I don’t know how attendable and trustworthy it is
But I would be careful with anansi considering he is a trickster deity

I also heard he was a hero, but still that’s always good advice.

He’s both: his stories are about him being very cunning and outsmarting his enemies. His stories are often teaching tales, and he has character flaws, being half mortal half god, that serve as warnings and teach morals.

A good place to start here would probably be the Orisha pantheon of the Yoruba. As well as the more common in black magick circles, Lwa of Vodoun.