An other Faustian Spirit: Apadiel

Here is the Faustian Spirit Apadiel.
He is a Grand Duke & a Demon of war & violence.

He makes war, anger & strife amongst people.
One part he lets prevail over the other part who becomes the loser and slave.

If you have a pact with Apadiel he makes
you stronger than others & teaches you warfare.
And you learn how to make it rain & foggy.


:heart: Ok I’m in. I love fog and rain.

10 hours of rain and thunder noises to a foggy forest view :blush:


I like the rain

Have you evoked him?

I love rain and fog, too ^^
But mostly from inside the house.
Apadiel seems to be a bit dangerous to me.

No, I didn’t and don’t think to do it the next time.

Thank you :eye:.

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The stupid thing’s there’s no sigil mentioned in the lower part of the first picture I could believe that was belonging to him.

These three sigils are surely not for Apadiel.

I found his sigil:


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Seems to be a pure martian spirit

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That’s the seal of Camael in the circle.

In the very first picture in this thread there is a sort of sigil right next to the drawing of the spirit. Is there a reason to assume that that isn’t his sigil?

If this isn’t his sigil I can’t help but thx.
The sigils below aren’t for Apadiel.
The sign right side next to him is a sign in which style are a lot in the book. Shouldn’t be the sigil.
Then the book propably doesn’t have his one.

I thought the one in the circle could be it because for Anael which is a love demon in the book the sigil in the circle fits really.

You could be right about the sign right next to him! I found this in the web:

Documentation of workings with him?