An Old Sea God

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Due to recent events I will be living and working on a cruise ship this summer. I have a great affinity for the sea, I’m a diver, and love to be in and on the water. That being said I would like to summon a sea god. I originally thought Neptunus, but I have no experience with Roman Gods. What is necessary to evoke a God Form? I’m assuming a sea side ritual would be best. But what about implements, sacrifice, incantations, ect.

The purpose and intent of the evocation would be to gain the favor and protection of the sea god while I live and work at sea. Also I would like to learn telepathic communication with sea life and know the mysteries of the deep. Which spirit would you recommend? Neptunus/Posiedon, Nammu, Tiamat, who would you pick? EA do you have a recommendation?

Thanks for the help!

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You could always go with cthulhu or dagon… there has been plenty of magicians working with them and due to the current obsession with hp lovecraft that’s been going strong forever 50 years, the current is pretty intense and “fresh”

Focalor, he commands the winds and the seas. He can kill or protect those the magician chooses.

Perhaps if you’re not too comfortable working with Poseidon/Neptune, Cthulhu would be a good choice.
However I think that you can attempt a ritual to Poseidon by the sea. You can do some research about Poseidon, the temples dedicated to him and how he was viewed.

I believe that if you study a bit about Poseidon you will come across some very interesting information about his nature and you’ll be able to construct an image of him in your mind in order to summon him.

About the ritual implements etc, there are some texts that speak of horse and bull sacrifices.
It is said that people would give Poseidon a gift, a seashell (you must dive in the sea to get it, the ones found on the beach supposedly don’t work) with Poseidon’s name carved on it in Greek.
Also statues are used which are sometimes crowned with a sea urchin.

Adad is such a great pal, he’s got control over tempests and rain, and protects his followers plus he likes to manifest in your environment

  • in terms of the mechanics of summoning a God, vs a less intense Entity, I just wanted to bring up the end of Evoking Eternity:

in particular the part about doing Evocations of those spirits that are Allies, and Servitors, of the God… and in contact with those to have them give you references of others.

(so multiple evok-contacts are required, ea with the Evoking build up phase of getting to know each prior to Evoking them). And with sold contacts, getting details of from those Entities of what you should include for the God Evoking (special sigils and else to contact, as well as for the Rite), and then begin to contact and Comm with the God. (prior to Evoking a God the comm- I haven’t evoking physically, but before was working on direct Comm with a couple of Gods- at different times- and the impact of mind-contact was heavy on me).

in terms of who to summon, I might look at the Celtic seagods (per geog a few water/ocean based… and different regions of the Bretons, so a few to choose- different personas) if you wanted to search through &or have resources avail- one of the deep ocean (I think different of a God of surface aspect of the Ocean vs one dealing with the deep layers far separate from the surface waves) just as Deep Ocean part of water (even on the top) is different than shallow waters near coast.

As a tie to comment above: Nodens is a Lovecraft old one’s name, while also a celtic sea god (Nuada and Nudens as well as Nodens)
(they seem perhaps diff refs with same name)

< perhaps MacCuill or Manannan MacLir (?) >

Make sure to blast Mastadons Leviathan and drink strong ale during such dark sea rites.

Split your lungs with blood and thunder!

Zach this all you need for your voyage, no need to thank me. Helping others is reward enough.

Arrrh…A pirate I be for sure, you’ve spotted me alright. My quest is booty, sex, and drunkenness on the high sea. I will align with sea god’s of old and sail my ship right to the stars! (in me best pirate accent)

Thanks for all the advice for sea gods so far, Nereid your post was especially helpful. I would like to call sea gods relative to the port or region I am in. My itinerary keeps changing so I can’t really plan for which gods to call until I know which port I’m docking at.

New question:

At what point in my magickal journey do I gain enough power to clean and pack up my house? I know it’s all Harry Potter and shit, but I want to wave my magic wand at the fucking dishes in my kitchen and make them go in the god damn box! Hell could I at least get a working sex-slave spell out of the mix, Then I’ll make that bitch do it…I’m trying to spend my day poolside, with a drink in one hand and a guitar in the other.

Ahh…back to work ye go!

Later y’all


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Use the spell from Sword in the Stone, he got all his shit in one bag.

Focalor seems a good advise and yes, getting a sex slave would probably be the best way to spend the days by poolside drinking and playing…

The Famorian god Balor is attributed to the sea in some myths. Though from my experience he is closer to an Irish version of Belial.

I couldn’t resist I had to compliment WF’s video (by the way I drown easily in shallow waters)

I don’t know why but I laughed so hard at that.

That’s pretty funny SVE.

Yam Nahar

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Thank you EA.

I will post what I learn about this sea dragon back on this thread.

Check out Ford’s “Dragon of the Two Flames.” He does these ancient gods more justice academically than any other modern occult writer.


Hey Zach, did you have any results with summoning ancient sea Gods?