An invitation

Lucifer has guided me to study the Draconian tradition. He has instructed me to gather 9 individuals to study amongst in a Temple, with others that feel this call. If you do, let us speak.
In nomine Lucifer


I will note that this will go on for quite some time. I suggest purchasing the Draconian ritual book and the book of tiamat.

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@Eye_of_Ra @C.Kendall?

Worked through this before brother, if your working out of those books i have to decline as i did the workings but if we’re taking it another direction then maybe.

This is more of an optional thing, in my case as well. It’s more so something I want to do, which came with guidance. (Gathering nine individuals)

Define taking it in another direction?

Working in the draconian path learning from what i call the council of dragons.

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Would you like to go into further detail?

Well learn more about tapping into the dragon lines, learn about draconian alchemy, learn about embracing the dragon-self, learn about travelling the draconian realms.

Learn about how to harness the dragon force within, learning the draconian aspects of kundalini, learning about the molten eggs, working with all the draconian council. Godform assumption of each dragon, learn which other entities have dragon aspects like Leviathan, Lucifer, Ahriman, Azazel etc.


I’d be open to partaking of this study. I can’t promise much, but I’ll join you until my path forks from it.

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Very well. If there aren’t more individuals coming forth within three days, I’m tossing this

Bro, if you can’t get as many as you initially wanted, so what? You can still go through it all.

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Not the pathworkings, just the group idea. I mean you’re right but Luci did say 9 for a reason.

Ah. Well, give it a couple days and maybe more people would be open to it.


I’m in.

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sounds interesting :slight_smile: so most likely count me in. can you elaborate on it a bit more

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Im in @Raven_Maleficus
Need to do more Draco Work
In Nomine Lucifer

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Already got 'em but haven’t worked through them yet. What the hell, I’m interested.

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What details do you need?

I have actually been contemplating on when I want to begin work on the Ascending Flame Project from the Temple of Ascending Flame. The Draconian current is definitely the next step for me.

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You in?

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