An invitation

You know what… Yeah, I’m in.

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Let me count

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We have 7 not including myself. So in the present moment, 2spots are open but I’m giving it until tomorrow. Meaning, for those on the fence, you’ve till tomorrow to decide you don’t want to. Once you’re in, no backing out.

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Awesome, sounds good. Two spots, you say…

I’ll ask a friend of mine who’s been contemplating the same current/feeling the pull if she would like to join in.

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Sounds good to me. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be the ninth but we will find out soon enough.

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Hm. @AdamThoth you popped up in my psychic vision. Want to join us in delving into the current of the chaos mother and the serpent father?


How experienced do you have to be to do this may I ask?

Are you capable of manifesting your desires without the help of a deity? (Can you successfully cast a spell?) Can you evoke and get concrete results? You will also need the Draconian ritual book.

Lucifer is a name that keeps popping in my head for a awhile.( through meditation and evocation)I would love to join.

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Are you still looking? I would be interested

Hello, I am currently working with Draconian Magic book and Rite of Lucifer. I have received the call from Lucifer prior buying this set of books. He guided me to the Draconian path . I am also working in some personal issues before attempting to contact him via ritual formerly. But I am interested in participate in this.

sorry about late reply, hectic day here :rofl: I was more curious if you had something structured already. Either way count me in :slight_smile: I’ve been being pushed to do more group stuff lately