An experiment in spiritual defense

Ok, so I was sitting at home the other night browsing around on youtube looking for videos that would kinda creep me out cuz I haven’t seen a good paranormal flick in a while and I kinda had the urge to be spooked a little. While I was browsing I came across a video that warned it had driven some people to insanity and while I still see this as a far fetched claim and some of the clips in the video were convincing I found others cheesy but I’m no expert that could tell if the occurrences were real or the work of good effects. After watching the video all the way through however I immediately started getting a strange headache that seemed like it was outside my head trying to get in and the unshakable feeling that I was being watched. Also immediately after I tried logging into facebook to check some messages before work and oddly enough I was locked out of my account which has never happened before. Still thinking all of this was coincidence I proceed to get ready and hop the 8:30 bus to work all the while still trying to get on facebook through my phone to no avail and having things come up missing only to be somewhere else entirely while I was getting ready. I then decided that perhaps something might have come through the video and started fucking with me and while it seemed absurd I put up a spiritual barrier and as soon as I did I was able to get onto facebook again and the headache subsided. I definitely felt a presence around me that I had been attributing to the mood of the video but then I began to wonder if there really was something to this video. So upon arriving at work I went into the empty break room and recited the banishing incantation from Evoking Eternity. Afterwards the air cleared and I no longer felt that I was tailed by an unknown presence. In any case I’m curious to see if this was all a byproduct of an overactive imagination mixed with some weird coincidences or if there really was something to this video so I came here to see if I could find some people willing to deal with a minor nuisance at best. I had no trouble getting rid of whatever it was and after two days nothing bad has happened to me but I urge those who have less experience dealing with spirits to not try it. I won’t post the video here because I don’t know how EA and Timothy might feel about having a possibly cursed video attached to their site so if you want to participate in the experiment hit me up on facebook and I’ll send you a link to the video and you can post your results in this thread.

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Hmmm… the little kid in me is crying Do it Do it!! lol

Lol I know what you mean. After I started getting the hint about what might be happening I almost didn’t want to stop it right away and see what kind of stuff would happen to me and sell the rights to it for the next ring movie. :stuck_out_tongue:

If only we could harness that power, make an ally out of it somehow. That’d be ace.

Ya know what go on then, PM ya fb address dude and il give it a watch 2moro.

Will do

Just watched the vid, must say its fairly horrible lol but also awesome. Will post results if any occur.

Last forum post by Seeker -lol

Lol hopefully not your last forum post. If anybody here dies because of me they’re gonna have me on their hands. serious grr face

Why can’t there be video’s that have positive results that send good spirits to all who watch?? Like redtube porn that sends Undines to fuck you in your sleep?? Hmm… theres a thought for a talisman that EA can make and sell. Wear this and get laid in your dreams… sorry off topic.

No Brutus, that will never be off topic.

Know what’d be a crazy idea? to try making a cursed video like that in the ring, though imagine that would have alot more powerful stuff behind it then whatever this was.

cursed video? Isnt there a movie about this?

Hey guys. Watched the video and experienced no results or phenomena whatsoever. Nothing. Kind of disappointed to be honest.

Btw this is a pretty cool vid (not the same one we’re discussing)

Real Ghost In The Attic

@ Brutus. Yes…the redtube Undines are making me watch so much porn shifting eyes hehehe.

I feel your pain Ryan, thanks to the Undines and their porn addiction I’ve got carpal tunnel.

And blindness and hairy palms

Ha! Safety glasses and Nair…prior planning my friend.

It’s all about preparation, we have now turned wanking into a ritual.

Back on topic for a second, how does one attach these entities to videos? Is it possible to make a real deal version of the ring?

I figured the concept would be similar to a hypersigil in some way to suggest an answer to Ryans question. Glad to know I was just jumping at shadows though. I did some meditation on the matter last night and I’m doing a lot better. It’s amazing how paranoid one can get after doing some intense magick.