An experiment in spiritual defense

I wonder I’d one could bind an entity to an image? Or at the very least have one teach you how to bind intent into an already existing image.

I read once where a guy did something similar with a song. He said he just focused on his intent while listening to the song repeatedly. His intent was to cause illness in someone if they met a certain criteria (this case it was trying to screw his wife) he said it worked successfully. I’m intrigued by the idea but not enough to spend endless hours listening to one song for the chance it will work.

So upon arriving at work I went into the empty break room and recited the banishing incantation from Evoking Eternity.

what page did you find the banishing? I haven’t founded, I haven’t read it completely (still gathering the necesary tools and everything), but I’m curious about that banishing


edit: just realized how fucking lazy was that question, I found it and tried, and it definetely changed the atmosphere in the room

It MUST be possible, the first African slaves who used Catholic imagery for their vodou loa did it, and I bet they had less resources and freedom than any of us.

I’m actually doing this soon with a painting that I’m hanging in my living room. I’ve done it to objects before. What I do is call the spirit/s to enter the room until I can feel its presence and visualize its sigil becoming one with the object in question. If it’s an intent I’ll turn it into a sigil using Austin Spares method and do the same thing.