An Awakened State 🤘 - Working with Ahriman

I don’t have anything to add but I’m very drawn to your posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings!

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I’m with you on this belief 100%. You have to learn to work with and adjust to the universe. You must accept that things aren’t going to always go your way. Learn to use all your resources to your advantage. Lose all fear and worries (I’m still working on this). Be prepared for the worst, while aiming for the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s good that you can talk to your family about your spiritual life. I cannot talk to my family as they are brainwashed.

Me not talking with my family could be my own fears/worries, but imo, it might be wiser for me to keep my mouth shut.

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I believe the key to happiness and working successfully with the universe is being content with the “mundane”. I may be biased, because my life is anything but mundane. I am content with the mundane, and I believe that this automatically drives my life to excitement via universal laws or something.

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I wasn’t going to respond, Ahriman wanted me too. Blessings! :heavy_check_mark::+1:


:disappointed: I’m sorry. While I wish I could be more open at this time, I’m bound to silence. Find your tribe!

:heavy_check_mark: You are 100% correct, unless the opportunity arises. Occult teachings are an open book between my sister and I. She just doesn’t know the extent of my plunge. She’s agreed to go to a Goddess Temple with me next Spring. :zipper_mouth_face: Discussion closed on this for now.


:heavy_check_mark::+1::slightly_smiling_face: :heartbeat::sparkling_heart::heartbeat:

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