An Awakened State 🤘 - Working with Ahriman

I have rarely talked openly about the deepest aspects of myself. There are two things I bring up.

  1. I have seen the eye of the Dragon. Last summer (2019), I meditated until I saw the eye of the dragon. I ONLY saw the eye, it was scaly and green. The eye was like the color of fire. However, I wasn’t ready for what I had seen.

  2. I cannot give up my belief in a Universal Power, that is more powerful than me. I have had the conversations with my Dad about not going down the road of Satanism - for him, it brings nothing but depression. I’ve listened. I’ve reasoned with myself. I will go on respecting the man who gave me life; however, I am learning it’s my life.

My Dad is visiting from out of state. This time it has been a challenge, as I want to be completely open with my Dad about things I am going through. However, I am not able to and it sucks! While sitting with my family over drinks, I completely shut down while they were discussing political stuff and other things when a couple of thoughts went through my mind.

What the thoughts were, do not matter. However, the truth came out at once. The revolution is female, meaning my revolution. It’s about a woman walking the pavement in high heels, knocking on the doors of people who have an understanding of being different - who want to see the absolute change.

It’s the man standing beside ME who waited patiently and calmly for me to step up to the plate - yet, I have no idea who or what he is. Or how this is supposed to play out.

It’s real. There is a darker side of Tiamat that most will not acknowledge. A darker side of Goddess Aset coming out which is why I keep silent. Ahriman brings up every single negative aspect of my mudane and dull life up.

Breaking chains is not any easy thing to do. For now, it’s the simple things to get to the bigger revolution for my soul.

Truth: Validate your own feelings - no matter how silly they seem.

For example, I yelled in my car today at how much my Dad bugs me at times.

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Hey… Your father did what most he could. Any more would be redundant. You are supposed to surpass the lineage you’re born into. Just see it that way. You’re essentially handling an aspect he could not. It was too late for him, so you will succeed him. Whether or not he is informed with this no longer holds relevance because his experience will only hold you back. Regardless it would be awesome if he acknowledges your feats and pathwork for all that it’s worth.


These are fairly high assumptions for a man you do not know and who has been put under one of the biggest protection spells I could find.

I appreciate the feedback, as it will certainly make me think about certain aspects of my life. I will never deny the lessons I have learned and am still learning from him, regardless of his path.


My own father couldn’t handle me and I had many step fathers to come that were only worse. I grew up very independant anyway; denoting yeah my comment was biased, but that’s when my left hand path comes in. We all tie in together, snug, from very different reaches.


Are you saying that your father is depressed that you are thinking about taking the path of “Satanism” or that he took that path when he was younger and experiences depression because of it?


Ahriman is Darkness Eternal, the True Light but it seems you kind of mix things up the Ahriman’s path is so very different to satanism even if they are both LHP


@anon96217651 - It was made as a general statement and I directly quote my source “it’s nothing but negative feelings and depression. It’s stupid and you need to stay with the Higher Power.”

I am simply working with Ahriman to have a better understanding of something that I lack understanding in.

You can work with with different Spirits without calling yourself something, all of this is for my own understanding. I will keep my views within my Native American beliefs that there is a Higher Power that is more powerful than me.

May I also add: My Dad actually doesn’t know about all the different types of demons/devil’s out there. Satanism is the general word that is used.

Edited: To add one final thought.


I"ll raise you one and roll the dice! While I appreciate the the insight, I never said I was going down either path. I simply stated I was working with Ahriman.

There are things in my life that need to be dealt with, Ahriman is the fastest path working to deal with the changes that need to be made.


It’s a fast and powerful way to Deal with anything, Ahriman and the druj are the real thing. Keep up the good work and keep us informed


You’ve stated here that “Satanism” brings depression, although you have been misinformed while i am not a satanist. I do understand the results of immersion into the dark arts, any dark pantheon, paradigm or system. Possibly can turn out in depression, insanity, anxiety and so on, yet it isn’t the path its all “You”.

In immersing into absolute spiritual darkness, this is normal it isn’t the spirits, nor the forces, powers or intelligences within that system. It is instead how you handle those forces or more correctly how you have control over yourself.

See we are operating all the spiritual planes simultaneously, in every plane in each spiritual body. When we immerse ourselves into dark arts or “spiritual darkness” we immerse the collective of the majority of our spiritual bodies and observation into spiritual darkness, this is known as “The Abyss”.
This plane is the realm of outer darkness, the bridge that separates the lower planes from the lower ones.

All spiritually educated individuals know that immersion into this absolute spiritual darkness or commonly known as darkness eternal has a process for us all. This process is called “The Dark Night Of Soul” wherein the individual will be purged, this purging process deprograms us of all dogma, beliefs, fears and ego. Allowing the soul to connect with the true core self known as “Atman”, although here in this purging process it can be very difficult. We all have dark moments, some only have subtle negative effects.
That reason is because they didn’t resist as much as the others, the more you resists, the more you struggle.
The negativity, madness and chaos issues into your life.

Ergo it isn’t satanism, it is every spiritual system that involves the immersion into darkness. Your diving into a much darker path, working with Angra Mainyu, Ahriman himself. The Lord of darkness, primordial chaos, the black sun, the dragon of becoming, the evil one and destructive one. He isn’t just dark, he is literally darkness incarnate, darkness embodied, Ahriman is literally the anthropomorphic force of darkness and chaos, the devil of all devils, a literal dark god.

If your earlier assumptions and beliefs on Satanism is true, then this would suggest that working with Ahriman is spiritual self annihilation. Regardless of not being in a “ahrimanic path” or “ahrimanic system” you can title it however you want. Although you are definitely walking your path with any entity you communicate with or summon, or ask aid from.

Remember the depression, the anxiety, the madness, the chaos, the pain and so on. Aren’t because of the path, nor the entities, nor the elements, intelligences and/or powers within them. These are reactions to any form of spiritual darkness be it full immersion or subtle immersion. Ergo if we was to stick to the original thought process here of satanism, then do not work or call, nor invite any spiritual darkness into you or your life.

I have however taught student of mine to do full immersion into the deepest parts of the abyss, without these negative effects by giving them the correct approach and method. Especially if “fast” is wanted then wait for chaos and the unexpected, such is the way of chaos. One cannot work with chaos and say “Bring this into my life” whilst simultaneously not wanting them to effect or change something else in your life. The powers of darkness, the force of chaos js faster because it cares not for working through the barriers, avenues or obstacles put in place. Chaos just breaks through them and will rearrange everything in the whole cosmos to align to the magicians will, so best believe they will change things in your personal sphere as well as yourself, not just the entire cosmos


Yes this is the truth. People talk about people going crazy during spiritual experiences, but the only reason they are going crazy or even getting relatively minor things like depression, insanity, anxiety is because they don’t have proper control over themselves.


I jus what to commenting telling you your not alone with any of this. There’s a lot that goes on while “finding yourself” and your place in all of this chaos. I get the vibe that there’s a lot more that you don’t want to air for all to see, so If you want to talk deeper My DM is always open for you :grin:


My own mother is a great example of this. She is very close to needing to be committed to a mental institution again. I never had the Luxury of having “normal” parents.


So, are you thinking of giving up Satanism for your dad and that is depressing? Thinking that giving up belief in a universal power more powerful than your self is depressing, or what?

My dad was always an agnostic leaning towards Atheism. I actually believed the stuff in the Bertrand Russel books was somehow better than Christian Dogma for a brief time. Now I see the idea of Atheism is just a mask of arrogance for someone who fears insanity. Sure, Christianity isn’t some kind of perfect belief system, far from it, but it is still an improvement over Atheism. Fortunately my study and practice of the left hand path has brought me to new ways of thinking and understanding.


@Jastiv, I qouted myself from an earlier post. :point_up:

The views from others is that Satanism is depressing. The belief in a Universal Power is supposed to bring joy.

Right now, I feel annoyed. Not at anything impaticulure, I’m so drained mentally from feeling like I keep living my own “Groundhog Day” - I’m trying to figure out how to get out of a rut.

Simple things bring me joy. Everything and everyone else is in my life is dropping like flies, including my own family. They are content with the mundane, I’m not anymore. I still talk to them and I am kind - however, I guess staring death in the face wakes you up a bit.



Isn’t it being the embodiment of the entity? I work with Goddess Aset all the time; however, there are times when I feel her constantly inside my veins. She’s the one I relate to the most.

The only reason why I’ve been drawn to Ahriman is for one reason, which is between me and IT.

Uh-huh. I am Heaven, I am Hell. I am light, I am dark. I am God, I am Satan. I am not a Satanist. There are some aspects of myself I cannot give up. For me, the teaching of Jesus Christ - a man I do believe historically existed, weather as a Rabbi (from a Jewish stand point) or a Prophet and perfect man (from an Islamic point of view) - taught with importance.

I know myself well enough to understand what feelings I want validated in myself.

I know exactly what the term “outer darkness” means. I don’t need to go any further. For whatever reason, the song “Shallow” sung by Bradly Cooper and Lady Gaga is coming into my brain.

There has definitely always been a pull to the darker side of life; while still being respectful to the those closet to me. In fact, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, had a very dark side. There was a movie and book (at least, I think there was a book) about her life. She was a nun who took action and she was different, as she pulled away from her convent to do what she felt was right.

My problem is to many Black Magicans are so focused on the darkest side of the abyssal reunion to the dark - they forget to learn from other people.

I will look more into this, as I am not aware of this concept.

I leave my thoughts on this private for now.

@anon84896414, can you give me pointers to ground myself?

@Angelb1083 - Oh, if I could talk about what I want to talk about, the teapot would scream.

I seriously need to answer the question someone posed to me about being a criminal and what would I do if I were to take my last breath, before being hung.

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I personally like free thought and scream tea pots so my offer always stands.


Thank You, I appreciate the offer!


Dead Black Sea of the Abyssal Waters of Hell

Warning to those who walk this path:

Once you go into these waters, you come back changed as you merge from the depths of yourself. Life is more than the subconsciously charged mind of what you can see.

A truth from my life

There are many versions to the Red Queen inside myself.

Invoking Ahriman is a right of passage.

How you treat me, determines the version you get of me.

Hekate does not always forgive. Mama Dragon to Priestess, I am the same.

It’s your choice on how you treat me, the version you see in your dreams correlates with how deep you walk into the waters with me.


I sent the following words in a message last night:

The Whore of Babylon is one who knows herself. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. However, she’s not a whore at all, is she?

The lessons of Beliel in the last year have come full circle and my life has come to a stand still.

Ahriman has currently left the building with his newest student, folks.

She finally gets it.

Your music today is from the woman I’ve silently followed for a year:

And though someone will never see this, I still must post this. A year ago, a lizard hung from the raptors. The chains break free, nothing stays the same. An image came through, I would change the design in the middle of where the chains are.

Those who need to know, already know.

When I will write publicly again, I do not know. For it doesn’t matter right now.

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