An Angelic Pathworking

For a while I’ve been wanting to Pathworking through the angel list on hafapea.
Today is that day. In Alphabetical order I shall evoke each angel and ask them a bit about themselves.

I entered a trance state and after some initial energy work I began to say, “Baruch ata A’albiel” which is Hebrew for, “Blessed are you A’albiel”.

After chanting this and vibrating each syllable, I saw, with my inner sight, a burly looking male who was luminous. He possessed no wings that I could see. I greeted him and thanked him for arriving.

A’albiel (A): So, why did you summon me here?

MKUltraMadeMeDoIt (M): I just wanted to get to know you, the only information about you that I know is that you serve the Archangel Michael. You seem to have a very Solar energy, am I correct in intuiting that?

A: That’s true, I am in the service of Lord Michael. I am part of his war party, we wage war on evil. And yes, I am associated with the Sun.

M: What kind of evil?

A: Curses, astral parasites, individuals that are guilty of great wrongs. It is my job to punish them with the Fire of God.

M: Fire, kind of like the Archangel Uriel, he rules over fire doesn’t he?

A: To an extent, but his name doesn’t mean Fire of God.

M: Right. What does your name mean?

A: Well, it’s not Hebrew. It was given to me by Lord Michael, he said that the two 'a’s were a symbol of my authority within his war party, of which I rank only below Lord Michael himself. The ‘alb’ is a representation of my patronage, anyone who wears the alb is under my special protection. And of course, El being a stand in for Yahweh. Which is a divine secret.

M: What kind of divine secret?

A: You are already aware of the divine secret of the name of Yahweh.

M: let’s move on then. Tell me, what can I do to overcome all obstacles and limitations in my path?

A: That’s a good question. Add this exercise to your regular meditation. Breathe in the Pure Angelic Lift of Heaven. It shines like molten gold, breathe this light energy within and let it fill your body, this will purify your aura and destroy any negative demonic energy, though do not mistaken, not all demonic energy is negative. Do this meditation regularly and you will receive vitality.

Planet: The Sun
Element: Fire
Patronage: Those who wear albs.


Are you going to update this thread everytime you evoke?
Because I find it very interesting


Yes, that’s the plan.


The next time, can you ask them, “What is the nature of the true angelic architect?” Is it both Angelic and Demonic?

“What is the true nature of Jesus Christ?”

" What advantages do angels have over demons in magickal work?"


@Antony That’s a good question, but I think that you said it yourself. The Angels are divine, whereas the Demons are infernal. But those words don’t mean much because we don’t really define our terms. One thing that I found to be interesting is that A’albiel in the meditation that he told me of near the end. Where he made a point of saying that not all demonic energy is negative.

This indicates that at the core the nature of angels and demons are separate. But, that there isn’t an eternal war like Christianity might have us believe. As when I asked what kind of evil “Lord” Michael’s war party went to war against, Lucifer and the demons were not at all on his list.

Though he is encouraging me to continue on in the Angelic current, and I have no problem with that at this point.

@Epsilon_The_Imperial I can certainly do that. Hopefully I’ll remember tomorrow when I do it again.


I’m bookmarking this. I hope you will share next experiences here?
Interesting that he learned you an exercise that i’m started utilizing intuitively from some years, and now i see what this can be.

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Day 2

Same process as before, trance state, energy work, “Baruch ata Aariel”, etcetera.

Aariel appeared to me as a very joyous, middle aged woman. She had a pair of amber colored wings tucked under her shirt. I greeted her and thanked her for coming.

M: So, how does one become the lion of God?

A: Are you aware that mother lions watch after the children while the father goes out to hunt? The mother lion watches carefully as her cubs play, and should anyone pose a threat to those cubs, God help them.

M: So, then you are a maternal influence in the lives of those you protect, and who are the ones under your patronage?

A: All children.

M: So, where are you when people abuse children.

A: Believe me my heart breaks, I am also an angel of judgment and I inspire people to kill these horrible individuals. And no matter how much these abusers seem to succeed in this world, I guarantee that they will suffer tenfold what they have inflicted on the innocent. I also heal the wounds inflicted upon you in your childhood.

At this point, Aariel puts her hand on my heart chakra and a bunch of scenes from my childhood flashed before me.

A: You were taught by your mother to always give in and never fight back, let’s heal that.

M: Thank you. With what planet are you aligned with?

A: Mercury.

M: And what element are you most associated with?

A: Water.

M: Hmm, oh right! Who is the architect of angels? Who makes you?

A: You do. You create us, and we are created.

M: Okay then, and what is the nature of Jesus Christ?

A: He was a man who was born first in the Astral by Miriam and Yosheph, who were both highly developed magicians. And, through the help of the Archangel Gabriel, he was placed into the womb of Miriam. He was born as a man and grew and achieved godhood within 33 years. He was meant to be a pattern of Ascension for those who would follow him.

A: And don’t believe everything that is written in the Bible, most of it was written very late after the Ascension of Christ into Heaven. Much of it was written by highly mythologized oral tradition.

M: And what are some magical advantages of angels over demons?

A: It depends on the operator and what kind of heart beats within them.

M: What do you mean?

A: As I said, you create me. And because the Angelic current runs through your heart, you will have the greatest success with angels. But someone who has a demonic current running through their heart will have much greater success with demons.

M: Extremely interesting, thank you.

Planet: Mercury
Element: Water
Patronage: Children
Areas of Concern: Protecting children, healing childhood trauma, judgment upon child abusers.


Sweet man
Love the detail, keep it up! :metal:


I’m curious. What energy work do you do before evocation, and what function do you think it serves for your work?

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The first thing was just feeling the energy of my body and then some chakra exercises. I pore breath through my skin and mentally intone the bija seed mantra associated with chakra. I do that for each chakra until it I can feel it pulsing.

Today, I also added the breathing exercise that I received from A’albiel today.

Overall, it helps me to detach from the mundane and enter the sacred. And I believe that the empowerment of my chakras has a net positive on my ability to properly see and hear the angels.


Sorry about my little hiatus, I’m back and ready to continue.

Day 3

Aba appeared before me as a gorgeous, winged woman who had black tousled hair, and a purple tinge to the feathers of her wings.

MKUltraMadeMeDoIt: Thank you, Aba. What is your primary concern?

Aba: My primary concern is teaching individuals a wiser method of utilizing their sexuality. You ought to separate your masturbation from watching pornography. When you’re getting close to achieving orgasm, visualize whatever you want, when you spill your seed it is a powerful creative force. For just as the spilled seed of Uranus created the Goddess Aphrodite, so too does the spilling of your seed create.

M: Thanks for that wisdom. What element are you?

A: Air.

M: And your planetary association?

A: Mercury.

M: A Mercurial Angel of Wisdom, I wasn’t expecting that one to be honest.

M: How can I overcome my limitations?

A: Don’t watch pornography, your sexual energy is a very potent thing and it’s not wise to waste it. Either you can empower the pornstars that your watching, or you can empower your ascent, it’s your decision.

A: As well, there is a trick to greatly empower yourself. She walked up to me and placed a finger between my anus and my scrotum Place pressure here before your orgasm and you will maintain the energy of your seed. It will not spill , instead it will remain within.

M: Thank you very much for your time. Goodbye.

A: Goodbye.


Can you give more details about the point that the angel put the finger on for you to keep the energy? I’m a very long time trying to learn this but more failures that hit…


No Fap challenge accepted. :+1:
Thanks for this experience


@Nicolas_Tomas, I’m sorry, I can’t get any more specific. It’s not an area that I can see well, nor is it an area that is touched often. So, it was a strange sensation. The only thing that I can say for sure was that it was between my scrotum and my anus. I believe that it’s called the perineum.

@karasu, it wasn’t that masturbation was inherently wrong, just that watching pornography was giving the pornstars the powerful sexual energy released at orgasm. Instead of using the energy released to further your ascent.


Will be eagerly waiting for more information. Great post by the way.


Johnny Sins will live forever then




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Study taoist literature, mantak chia’s multi orgasmic man/woman. There you will get all the information of this kind.


He was making a joke. Humor is accepted here.