An amusing outcome from my talisman used to heal

A funny little thing that I find interesting. My brother acquired an ear infection in his right ear on holiday so used my talisman to help make it go, it subsequently went in 2 days but the day after casting his intention into it my right ear started going funny and is bunged up now! maybe its coincidental or its reacting to my ear being that its tied to me. The joys :slight_smile: haha anyone else had this?

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Could be a case of resonance. I being your brother and having that connection in energy where you are similar, and with doing magick on him that can bring you more into resonance as well, the vibrations transferred.
Kind of like, when you pluck a guitar string, the one next to it also vibrates because they are similar in configuration.

It’s a common issue in direct healing work that qi therapists train to avoid, by such things as, not breathing is when reading or touching the person’s energy.

You can avoid it next time with including a spot of intention that “this will not affect me”. :slight_smile: Just the awareness that it can be a thing is enough in most cases. If dealing with something more virulent, like say cancer, then after the healing work, go ahead and ground and cleanse yourself for good measure :slight_smile:


Ah yes possibly, it was himself that did the intent into the talisman but if ever again I will make sure he mentions that if healing himself with it. Good to know it worked but reminds me of the green miles where he took the urine infection and put it into himself before emitting it haha. Its cool in a way but annoying to. Like you say it must be resonating with me quite a bit, going to write down in my diary now for fail safe words to use in such future instances.