Amy or Auns from the Goetia is very reliable

I wanted to give out a recommendation for anyone who wants to summon a demon from the Goetia: Auns, also known as Amy, was highly reliable in giving me just what I needed during the summoning.

I have used Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield during this summoning and in my opinion, this book has the best list of every demon‘s expertise I have seen, including the one in Auns.

This is also a thank you to Auns herself, for giving me exactly what I needed.


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I like Amy too… Little sidenote, it’s HE, not she :slight_smile: It’s a male. He could’ve appear to You as female for some reason, but I talked with him and he himself said he’s not a woman :slight_smile:

This OP never posted again, so I don’t think he will respond.

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Oh… I see… Thank You very much :heartbeat:

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Do you mean AVNAS not auns. Idk where you got that name.

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The OP led me to The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King [sorry I keep editing this to get the exact title for what I have correct] by Aleister Crowley and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mather.

From Wikipedia:

Amy or Amii (also Auns, Hanar, Hanni) is a Goetic demon described in the Lesser Key of Solomon (as the fifty-eighth spirit), the Dictionnaire Infernal, in Thomas Rudd’s version (as Auns, again fifty-eighth), the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (the sixtieth spirit), and (as Hanni) in the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic as a President, appearing initially as a flame before turning to a human form. He is claimed to teach astronomy and liberal arts, give familiars, incite positive reactions from rulers, and (according to all sources except the Munich Manual) reveal treasures. According to all sources, he rules over thirty six legions of demons. According to Johann Weyer, he was of both the order of angels and potestates (powers), and holds the futile hope of returning to the seventh heaven after twelve centuries. According to Rudd, Amii is opposed by the Shem HaMephorash angel Ieialel.

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