Amphetamine effects on spirituality

It amplifies it 10x but the consequences are harsh. When you weaken your etheric body with powerful substances you are vulnerable to lower frequency energies. I am an empath. My gift is hearing voices. It is usually a rare occurrence that I hear people talking to me and it is usually a message from my intuition or angels or something. Not sure what they were but they were helpful and uplifting. When I started using amphetamines my sensitivities were amped up and I couldn’t go a single day without hearing multiple voices around me all the time. They were negatively charged and often urged me to kill myself or hurt people…etc. One told me it couldn’t wait to wear me. It took months of sobriety before they died down and my sensitivity was severely weak compared to how it was before I started using. So yes some people become more sensitive but you won’t be surrounded by entities that are pleasant to be around. I have had a couple of “hallucinations” as well where it feels like someone is in the room or I can see shadows which is commonly reported by amphetamine users. In conclusion it will boost your abilities but it will weaken them in the long term

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Great topic !

amphetamine is best drug available to human beings, doing amphetamine rituals (staying awake 2-3 days straight) and after that resting and feasting the next day is very healthy to your being, and soul, and it brings things from the dreamland closer to your physical reality

You just need balance between days when you are on it and days when you rest!

studying / evocation rituals / sexmagick (it higheness your senses with sleep depravation) / death rituals (they are personal per person so i wont open it more) plus it teaches you emotional control

very usefull drug, good topic.

Drugs have their own spirits…If your presrcibed amphetamines, use them as directed, I dont see them hindering u. Amphetamines are only good if u have ADD or ADHD, taken as prescribed they really will help u focus, but that is TAKEN AS PRESCRIBED…

If your talking straight meth…ermmm…not a good idea

If ur the type to get ur hands on something chemical, and go off, I’d hazard against it.

Blind indiscriminate rage can be spiritual…u just like sit in it, the more u wish to annihilate the better…as it cools, its interesting how one starts stripping away and re-arranging things

Staying awake , no good comes from it…maybe for u it is but staying awake is damaging for the brain physically…it’s not able to get rid of free radicals …Hell, u get the same trip from bendryll as u get from sleep deprivation