Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation

Ok great thank you I appreciate it, ask tarot if it was accepted? Like do a tarot reading? Ya I just had a spell done from someone that included dantalion and buried some offerings after about 36 hours out with his sigil, I didn’t burn the sigil cause I was told to keep it so it builds power for future use but I can always draw another one up, amons is very simple anyways. Did you mean draw his sigil with the requests or draw it over the written requests? Sorry for the questions I’m still kind of new but had a pretty good feeling speaking with datalion for the first time

Hi @isaiah3 dont say sorry it’s normal to have questions I had so many when I first did it.
You can either draw the sigil on top of the paper with your request this is what I do, or seperately draw the sigil and ask for your request it’s always good to write on paper as simple as you can and helps when you repeat your request.
7 times calling upon amons help with the request. Hear the enn at the same time. Light up a candle let it burn till the end
If you have asked though dantalion for the same thing change your request to amon so to not confuse things. I hope it helps


Great thank you I really appreciate it bud, still trying to figure out an invocation method but I’m sure it’ll come with practice and more exposure, planning on getting a couple books as well

@isaiah3 this is through petition you call upon amon 7 times. Try it and let me know

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So what was your process fully? Did you just meditate to his sigil and chant his enn to envoke him? And then after did you just make a request from him?

I feel as though I need to give some recognition to amon for providing a little progress after performing a petition for results using the book “demons of magick” , it wasnt the full threshold I’m seeking quite yet… But I’ll definitely take baby steps for now especially with a stubborn case, something is better than nothing and I am very much looking forward to seeing how he provides for me further in the future. Blessed amon! I had a feeling you heard me from the candles flame activity the other day, but this morning it seems your starting to help manifest what iv been yearning for