Amdusias' crystals

I’m specifically working with amdusias and he became somewhat a favourite. We don’t have much in common really when it comes to what he does, apart from my birthday falling in his dates, he reached out when I was very unhappy.
I find him to be quite cheerful.

Last few days I’ve gone out and bought him his candles and incense, I have birds already so that’s a plus.

I just wondered what crystals does he like, I don’t want to ask because I like to surprise him every time with new stuff I got for him, so if anyone knows that’d be amazing!

(he specifically made me know it was him. Because I had a sudden love for birds that I never had before, i started listening way more music and danced way more, I really really like blue and my 8 of cups keeps falling out while shuffling my cards)

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