Am suffering too much

Hail Brother, am getting hurt from such person who is my supervisor , we all can work in peace he’s always a pain in the Ass putting pressure, notting good for him , we dont know any more what too do after 20years we all feedup , I wish I can buried him deep into the earth , can you please do it for me , but sorry I cant pay you cause I can’t arrived till the end of the month. Thank

If this message is directed towards EA, I don’t think he will respond.
Best to hired him through, the official channels which is: Personal Consultations | Become A Living God

He used to do rituals for hire, but I don’t see the link any more :thinking:


I feel much empathy for you. There are so many gifted occult practitioners on this forum that can point you in the right direction, or at the very least give you the best advice to the best of their ability. Try narrowing down what you want done & going to the search icon. Hope everything works in your favor.


sorry i dont no what to do or think any more, just be in my help if someone can so mote it be

The first step , no matter how difficult would be to clarify what it is you would like to have change. You already are aware of the state / situation you’re in. Once you have that, you then find ways of solving your problem. This is really important. When you’re at the end of rope, its difficult to find a resolution; understandable. However, it’s a important part of the resolution process. What do you want to see happen? You’re end-game. Ok. Gain information to make it a reality.

just wanted that he go out from this place , no one wanted him any more , let us work in peace.

Also, i noticed you mentioned “we”. I the perhaps you should focus on clearing/ cleaning yourself, as well as protection…etc. another method ( although im not well versed in this) would be banishing this person from the work place. I’ve also come across "Freezer spells " on here. Search for the above mentioned & see if its useful.

You might want to incorporate all , or whatever else that could strengthen the workings.

yes i did freezer spells 3 times , just did one more last week

Manifest a new job ?

Hahaha here how many without one , its not easy ,

From what i know, some problems take more time ,and/ or energy to get rid of. I know many folks layer the workings in order to get the best results. I’d definitely ask @ Darkest Knight, C. Kendall and Lady Eva for advice. They’re my go-to’s when I’m in the weeds, or need additional info. Velenos is is good as well.

Definitely start with some cleansing baths. If you don’t have the funds or the herbs in you kitchen cabinet. Salt was baths are great cleansers! Do the for about 7- 13dys
This will get into the right mindset and cleanse blockages. You’ll be able if make before decision before doing other spiritual work i think.

If you’re not adverse to angels, try this mantra I got from the archangel Michael:


I knew to mention you. He’s got to calm himself first and take steps. I believe he said this supervisor had been a mence for a Hot Long Minute!

Think it just got moved. He’s got several listings if you filter to ritual for hire, at the top of the product page.


I don’t think he is looking to hire


Please do not post a personal email address in a public post. You’re just asking for trouble.

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